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Subject: RE: [trans-ws] Minutes of Trans-WS teleconference

Sorry that I wasn't able to attend yesterday.
A comment on UDDI tModels:
The uddi-spec TC is in the process of developing a new WSDL-UDDI mapping that creates a different tModel for each portType and each binding in the WSDL file.
Another task on our plates is to properly categorize our tModels. We might also want to consider creating taxonomies (e.g., a language taxonomy) that people can use to categorize their services. 
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From: Tony Jewtushenko [mailto:Tony.Jewtushenko@oracle.com]
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 6:13 AM
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Subject: [trans-ws] Minutes of Trans-WS teleconference

Minutes Trans-WS Teleconference - 30 January 2003, 4pm Dublin/London time


1/ roll call

Attending: Peter, Tony, Bill, Gerard, Paul, Milan, Reinhard, Steven, Yuri, Andrei, Steven



2/ Minutes of previous meeting were accepted. 

3/ Scope of work
Bill proposes:


Loosely dividing into three issues -
      The service (funtionality)
      The technology
      The issues

The Service (functionality)
      What we need
         eg. ability to submit a job
      What we definitely don't want to include
         eg. currency based transactions
      What we need to be open
         eg. Ability to query support
         eg. Ability to extend status reporting
      What we need to be closed
      What we can build on
         Financial translations
         Content management (or at least specifications)
      What can build on us
         Workflow products BPEL4WS

The technology
   Web Services
         Define messages & ports
         Define bindings in terms of uri's
         UDDI tModel
         Allow each company to register
         more rigourous than WSDL
         can build on WSDL definition ?
      eBXML repository
         Can refer to the UDDI repository ?
Some issues
   File transfer
      Mechanisms ? Efficiency ?
      external reference via URL
      Encryption of transfered data
      Can we build on the Web Services Security stuff ?
      Other spec's
      Minimal support inherent


Peter: These issues will be considered together with the emails which TC members have sent describing individual goals of Trans Web Services. TC to work towards agreement on the work to be undertaken over the next three to six months.


Comments from TC:

Steve: interested in broader views, like engineering,  QA,  not just translation.  Need to define what’s included in the initial set beyond translation.

Gerard – aspects mentioned could be defined under WSMCCM, which is a standard for defining workflow where participants may not know of each others.  Suggests that we discuss

Paul – on financial side, must be some payments standards – so we don’t have to reinvent.

Peter – not in a position to fully scope our work.  Translation is the obvious place to start, since everyone will have interest in this.

Tony agreed with Steve that we should include other areas of localization process from the start.

Bill to circulate the list of functionality, and all will reply with their ideas before next meeting.


4/ Schedule Review:

Timescale for final draft deliverables as modified at this meeting (emphasis added to changes/additions):

- TwS 1.0 TWS Overview Abstract 8 weeks after first meeting (new interim milestone)

- TwS 1.0 TWS Business Process Terminology Specification; 12 weeks after 1st meeting
- TwS 1.0 WSDL Documents; 20 weeks after 1st meeting
- TwS 1.0 UDDI Deploy WSDL as UDI tModels; 24 weeks after 1st meeting


Tony doesn’t think the present schedule is feasible – e.g. 4 more meetings to complete final version of spec is unrealistic unless we change the meeting frequency.

Reinhard suggested that we initially work on an abstract introduction report, then a more detailed technical spec that lists the exact methods or tModels that will be delivered.


Peter suggested that the schedule can be left as is and that the TC schedule a face 2 face meeting to thrash out the work very quickly, and in this way the TC can make up some time.  TC agreed with this sentiment.


 5/ Implementation – TC decided that it’s too early for this topic – need to define deliverables per item 3 first.


6/ Co-ordinating between localisation standards


Gerard felt that it would be advantageous to work with other standards bodies, sooner rather than later.

Gerard will send around a mail detailing the various file standards that we should incorporate into our work, especially with file transfers, etc.

Peter mentioned an ad hoc teleconference between the various localization / globalization teams is scheduled for next week in order to discuss areas of common interest and define ways of working more effectively together.


Since all agenda items were discussed, the meeting was adjourned without motion.  Next meeting in 2 weeks – same time/same dial in instructions.  Reminders and agenda to be sent in advance.


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