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Subject: [trans-ws] Job-ticket

Hi folks,

I volunteered to build a straw man on the way to defining what would be 
present in the job-ticket.

On reflection the job-ticket is simply going to be a unique identifier 
for any given piece of work being performed in the system  (a job). This 
ticket is provided back to the client  by the request quote mechanism.

Part of the meeting today discussed the logical grouping of jobs for a 
client i.e. sub-jobs etc. but after some consideration this is 
information which is probably only related to the client, and as such  
not part of our specification. i.e. it is up to the client to decide how 
they group the individual jobs together not us.

Equally we could define what is contained within a job itself ( 
job-ticket, due-date, file-type, source-content, target language/country 
code etc.) but are we running the risk of specifying what the 
translation vendor should store?

I guess my question is therefore should we be describing the exact 
content of a translation-job, or is that content beyond our spec and 
part of the implementation at the client/supplier ends?

All comments welcome.

Paul Goulbourn - Cognitran Limited.

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