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trans-ws message

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Subject: Minutes for Trans-WS TC meeting March 13

(note:  sending minutes delayed by problems with new mailing list)

1/Roll Call (please review - if I missed anyone,  let me know):
Attending: Peter Reynolds, Tony Jewtushenko, Andrzej Zydrone,  Arle Lomell, Joeri Van de Walle, Gérard Cattin des Bois, Reinhard Schaler, Christian Lieske, Paul Goulbourn

2/ Minutes of previous meeting amended to indicate that Paul Goulbourn sent his apologies.

3/ Scope of Work / Functionality:  
Review of the Starting Point document:
4/Accept quote...
... (reviewed in previous meeting)
Notification Section is missing.

5/Do Translate:
Job is often broken down into smaller parts,  ie,  1000 files to be translated,  but only a small number are downloaded at any one time.  i.e.,  first code files may be downloaded and translated,  then the Doc may follow afterwards,  etc.
Need a way to split up large jobs into numerous sub tasks or sub-jobs.
Paul suggested that maybe the large jobs should be split into multiple job items.

6/Cancel / Suspend
More info is required in this section.  Suggestion was made that a notification be sent whenever the status of a job changes (i.e.,  when portions of the job have been translated).
Job Supersede should be added.
Chrisitan posed the general question of how the parties (vendor / publisher) confirm each other's identities?  Gerard indicated that this functionality is built into WSDL,  within TModel.  This needs to be fully clarified.
Typo in #6 - says "see #6",  should be "see #7"

7/View Job Status:
Do not need too much detail,  should stay simple,  no hard cast requirements and should be customisable.
Return information must be self-describing.

8/View Jobs by Company / Project / Other
Group not sure what this transaction is intended to do - assume we pass in company / project / or other information and get a dump of all related information.
Assume this is related to view job status - but provides information on more than one job at a time.
Gerard:  workflow coalition working on externalizing info that is related to status,  Gerard will research and feed back on the status of this group.

9/Download info:
Should we consider push in addition to pull?
May need to send physical CD - need a way to capture this information?
Should have a simple method of downloading using whatever standard is built into SOAP.
Notification should be sent upon successful download.
Do we need to notify when data is ready for download?  One interpretation is:  No,  this is not part of the Query / Response model for Translation Web services.  Leave it as it is... proprietary workflow should periodically query and notify when status changes - it's not the job of the web service.

10/Reject / Respond to Translation:
*Urgency should be added to metadata
Concern that this may be misused - i.e.,  can be used to reject translations due to disagreement with linguistic style or content - but the group agreed that this may not be something that can be controlled by the standard itself.
What happens to the state when rejected?  Is it reopened?  Or is this specific to the underlying workflow?

11/Upload / populate TM  resources
We want this to include terminology,  background info,  etc.
We need a way of grouping multiple jobs together - ie,  a single TM archive may be used for multiple projects,  and many different jobs.
Resource type should be added.
Upon successful upload,  returning a ticket number that corresponds to this specific TM would be useful.
Need to capture more info such as markup language,  generating tool,  etc.

12/ Similar issues to #11 above.

Need to add a "supersede" transaction where a job will take precedence over all existing work.
Not clear how to add additional files,  drops,  etc that extend beyond terms of original quote.
How do we support changing the terms of the quote (per preceding point)?  This information often changes through the life of a project.  Do we provide a mechanism to update the terms for a job,  or is the job closed out as work is completed,  and new job added for extended work?  This needs much more consideration.
What happens when the wordcount is far more (or less) than the original quote?  Do we cancel the original job and redo the quote process from scratch?  
Or should some ability to change the financial terms be built into the transactions?
Need a way of "receiving" or closing a job where result was satisfactory - presently have only ability to cancel or suspend job,  or return a translation.  Should have a way of closing a job as fully translated or received as well.
Do we want to set up any sub committees before the F2F in order to get a jump on the pre-work?  Group decided Yes.  Two groups will be set up initially:  1/Job and Ticket discussion,  and 2/Workflow discussion.

5/Face to Face meeting - It was decided that the first Face to Face will take place in Dublin,  Ireland on 9th. & 10th of May,  2003.  Dublin based TC members will work together to arrange logistics.

Tony Jewtushenko				mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Sr. Tools Program Manager			direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Product Management - Tools Technology Team
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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