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Subject: more content domains

The attached file contains the domains defined by the Institute of Linguists http://www.iol.org.uk/default.asp and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting http://www.iti.org.uk/indexMain.html.  


LRC '03 - The 8th Annual Conference and Showcase for multilingual digital media publishing.

O'Reilly Hall, Dublin, 17-19 November 2003

"Where digital media meets localisation"

Keynote Speakers: Prof David Parnas, Patrick Gannon, Joseph Hsu, Prof Seymour Papert
With contributions from: Alchemy, Arax Luxembourg, Archetypon, BBC World Service, Bowne Global Solutions, Connect Global Solutions, Euro RSCG, Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (F.I.T.), IBM, Indian Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, INRIA, LRC, Media Lab Europe / MIT, Microsoft, Moravia, OASIS, Oracle, PASS Engineering, Star Technology Solutions, Symbio, TILP.
Visit www.localisation.ie



ITI and IOL translation categories.doc

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