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Subject: Re: [trans-ws] Collaborative editing of the spec

Hi all:

I use Wiki all the time,  and it's great for collaboration and brainstorming.  It takes very little time to get up to speed with it.  It would be good idea to break the document into main topics as the "locking" mechanism for Wiki is pretty poor and while version information is always preserved,  when contention occurs the versions can get jumbled up. 

I also believe Wiki is not appropriate for a final outward document,  so there will need to be a migration effort to something more format friendly and permanent (I prefer HTML).


Arle Lommel wrote:
Re: [trans-ws] Collaborative editing of the spec Hi all,

at LISA we use wikis internally for a lot of communication, and have found them vastly superior to Word for the authoring phase of documents because they eliminate the frequent problem of multiple people working from different versions of documents and moving in different directions.

If anyone wants to see how wikis work, go to Wikipedia and look up some of those pages. You can contribute your own content to almost any of the pages, and you can edit them, but they can also be rolled back. That is probably the single most significant deployment of wiki anywhere.

The drawbacks of wikis are that they are more cumbersome to edit than a Word doc, and that it is a new technology that people have to learn. That said, for most basic editing, wiki syntax is very simple and you could learn it in a matter of minutes for simple edits. More complex edits can require more learning, but should not be bad.

An additional potential drawback is that most wikis do not have the capability of exporting into other formats cleanly (and may even produce “strange” HTML), which means that it is usually best to strip all formatting and reapply in the target format after the text is completed, which can be time-consuming. However, if the group is comfortable maintaining only electronic HTML copy on the web for the spec’s master, then there is no problem with using the wiki, which becomes, effectively, a simple CMS with an integrated authoring environment, and the document can be deployed on the web.


Reynolds, Peter <Peter.Reynolds@bowneglobal.ie> scripsit

Hi Magnus, Stephen, All,

I was waiting for Reinhard to have a look at this. He was the person who expressed a preference for using word rather than learning new technologies. I spoke with him on Wednesday and suggested he talk with Stephen but he was in the middle of the LRC conference which he organises so I am not sure that he got around to this. I think if we are all agreed that this would be a good system we can just go ahead with it, but I would like to hear Reinhard's comments.



From: Magnus Martikainen [mailto:magnus@trados.com]
Sent: 24 September 2004 18:09
To: Stephen.Flinter@connectcgs.com; trans-ws@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [trans-ws] Collaborative editing of the spec

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