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Subject: RE: [trans-ws] XLIFF schema

Hi Stephen,
I have a question to add rather than an answer. What do we do with the phase element which is a child element to the count element.

From: Stephen.Flinter@connectcgs.com [mailto:Stephen.Flinter@connectcgs.com]
Sent: 15 October 2004 12:58
To: trans-ws@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [trans-ws] XLIFF schema


I'm currently working on modifying the WSTrans XML Schema document to take account of the count-group issue as recently agreed.  

My preference is to reference and import the XLIFF schema document directly (as opposed to copying the relevant element definitions into my schema doc).  However, when I do that I am getting errors from my XML schema validator that the XLIFF schema is not valid.  One potential cause of this is the <documentation> elements that are used in the schema.  For example:

        <xsd:enumeration value="paramnotes">
                                Indicates notes pertaining to the parameters in the

According to my understanding of the XML schema the <documentation> element accepts any well formed XML text.  This includes straightforward text, and other XML markup, as long as it's well formed.

The example above is NOT well formed, as you have a <source> tag within the <documentation> element, but no closing </source> tag.

To my mind you either have to supply a closing </source> tag, or escape the angle brackets: &lt;source&gt; (which is not really readable).

Is this an issue that the XLIFF group is aware of?  I haven't posted this message to the XLIFF group, as I haven't really followed the discussions there, and don't want to make an ass of myself if this has already been discussed (or my understanding of XML schema is wrong :-).

BTW, I've been using this schema, as referenced by the XLIFF homepage: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/xliff/documents/xliff-core-1.1.xsd

Anyone know what the score is?


PS on a separate note, I feel that the namespace that you've chosen for schema is not ideal:


Most Java based libraries for generating an object-based representation of an XML schema use the schema namespace as the package name for the generated classes.  The XLIFF namespace does not translate to a valid Java (or C#) package name - the problem is with the final 1.1.

If possible, I would suggest that you consider changing the namespace to:


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