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Subject: [no subject]

4/ Completion of Draft specification
The result of the ballot on URI was 4 in favour, 1 against and 1 abstention. Magnus mentioned that he had included a comment with his vote which he will post to the TC mailing list.

Discussion based on To-Do list
1. requestQuote
Count group  We will cut and paste the count definition from XLIFF rather than refernece it.
The following are returned from the requestQuote call.
	Available-from  when the quote will be available.
	Available  whether the quote is available.
	Quotation  URI where quote is located. Expiration date is part of quote. IN the future this could be an ebXML document.
4. retrieveQuote
retrieveQuote becomes retrieveQuoteUri
5. Accept Quote
Accepted The return will include a boolean whether or not acceptence is agreed. 
7. retrieveJobInformation:
If a job has been rejected the reason and details should also be available as part of the job information.  It was agreed that we would add an optional detail attribute to the history element.
Event stage Values.
Localization should be changed to Misc
Quotation should also be included as a stage.
User defined Values are defined by using UBL. Values 0 to 49 are reserved for the standard and 50 to 99 for user defined values.
Required by  givving the caller the ability to set the required by date is important but will be parked until after the committee specification and we have some real world use. This will be dealt with  outside of the spec. We will look into where we store this information.
Rejected  details/ reason for rejection should be included.
Other  We will look at whether UBL can handle x- so that these values are human readable. Andrzej will look into this. Stephen suggested we allow a range within UBL which is always pre-fixed with x-. Andrzej will edit the UBL documents
Magnus will put together a stage chart which shows the different statuses that a job can go through.

5/ AOB - none

6/ Next meeting  November 26th  Agenda will be to complete the remainder of the To Do list.
View event details:

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