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trans-ws message

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Subject: Groups - Tran- WS TC meeting modified

Tran- WS TC meeting has been modified by Peter Reynolds

Date:  Thursday, 31 March 2005
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm ET

Event Description:
Conference ID: 4024803 
Dialin numbers 
US toll free number: +1-800-358-5669 (only from the US) 
US toll number: +1-770-325-4718 
London: +44 207 663 8017 
Paris: +33 01 73 01 47 17 
Tokyo: +81 (0) 3.5656.9357 
Honk Kong: +852 3005 1307 
Singapore: +65 6829 9777 
Sydney: +61 2 8207 3477 
Frankfurt: +49 69 58 99 90 77-7 
Berlin: +49 30 72 61 67 16-7 
Munich: +49 89 24 44 32 70-7 
Amsterdam: +31 20 796 5237 
Dublin: +353-1-4364307

1/ Roll call 
2/ Minutes of last meeting 
3/ Draft specification 
Completion of specification 
4/ AOB

1/ Roll call
Present: Andrzej, Magnus, Tony, Peter.
Apologies: Reinhard

2/ Minutes of last meeting 
These were agreed as a correct record. 

3/ Draft specification 

Peter outlined the work he had done on the count-group and count elements.
There were a number of issues which arose from this and were discussed by the team. 

retrieveQuote  It was agreed that we had decided that this would be an asynchronous process and we would return the Job ticket and when the quote was available. The available element used in retrieveQuote would be used here. RetrieveQuote would be used to get the details of the quote.
Action  Peter to change the return parameters of requestQuote so that they are Job ticket and available

Standards for count  There was a discussion on this topic. Andrzej outlined the work which had taken place with the GILT metrics initiative since we last discussed it. This has progressed well and will be going for a public review in the near future. He believes that it will prove to be standard for measurement within translation. It was agreed that we wanted to ensure that the mechanism we use for measurement will not be redundant in the future. It was felt the best way to do this was to use the count-group and count in XLIFF by referencing through the XLIFF namespace. 
Action: Peter to contact Bryan Schnabel from the XLIFF TC and ask his advice on how we could do this.

It was agreed that count-group was optional with the requestQuote method.

It was agreed that there should be a page added to the specification showing how count works.

We will review the introduction text on the requestQuote page to specify what the two methods are.

We will edit the text detailing the schema on the requestQuote page so that the elements relating to the request are with that section rather than with the response.

It was agreed that the team should review this and get back to the TC with comments.
Action  Peter to change the name from File Upload to uploadFile.

4/ AOB - none

5/ Next meeting  Postponed to April 14th  

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X-WR-CALNAME:My Calendar
SUMMARY:Tran- WS TC meeting
DESCRIPTION:Conference ID: 4024803 \nDialin numbers \nUS toll free number:
  +1-800-358-5669 (only from the US) \nUS toll number: +1-770-325-4718
  \nLondon: +44 207 663 8017 \nParis: +33 01 73 01 47 17 \nTokyo: +81
  (0) 3.5656.9357 \nHonk Kong: +852 3005 1307 \nSingapore: +65 6829 9777
  \nSydney: +61 2 8207 3477 \nFrankfurt: +49 69 58 99 90 77-7 \nBerlin:
  +49 30 72 61 67 16-7 \nMunich: +49 89 24 44 32 70-7 \nAmsterdam: +31
  20 796 5237 \nDublin: +353-1-4364307\n\nGroup: OASIS Translation Web
  Services TC\nCreator: Peter Reynolds

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