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Subject: RE: TWS - Clarification

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for this.

I think returning the hard coded values is fine for the moment. The
purpose of the exercise is to show the web services work and not some
back end system which doesn't exist anyway. That said, if it were
possible to return more meaningful values at some stage that would be

I still want to visit you at the LRC and see what you are doing. However
work is busy at present. I will contact you next week about this and we
can try and arrange something.



-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin.Bargary [mailto:Kevin.Bargary@ul.ie] 
Sent: 23 September 2005 11:06
To: Reynolds, Peter; 'azydron@xml-intl.com'
Cc: Michael.J.Bourke; Reinhard.Schaler
Subject: TWS - Clarification

Hi Peter and Andrzej,

Sorry about not sending this to the TWS mailing list but I still cannot
send emails to this list. My sent emails keep bouncing, which is strange
because I receive all emails sent to the list. I just need some
clarification regarding development of the implementation of the TWS

As I am developing the server side code for the services, all I am doing
is returning hard coded values from the server. Is this ok? Or had you
guys something else in mind for the server side? If so, it would be good
to incorporate them now so as the code will not have to be changed over
and over again. The reason I am asking this is because it is not too
difficult to return hard coded strings, but in a real environment this
would never be the case - there would always be a back-end no matter how

Having said all that, if time is an issue then I can work away and just
return meaningless values purely for demonstrative purposes just to get
it done! 

Could you clarify the requirements, as I am unsure to what level you
want this implementation developed? 

Thanks in Advance,

Kevin Bargary

Kevin Bargary BSc.
Research Assistant,
Localisation Research Centre,
University of Limerick,
Email: Kevin.Bargary@ul.ie
Telephone: 061-213557

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