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Subject: FW: TOC for TWS Whitepaper

Hi all,
We will be talking about the whitepaper at the TC call today.
Kevin, thanks for your work.

From: Kevin.Bargary [mailto:kevin.bargary@ul.ie]
Sent: 09 February 2006 11:40
To: Reynolds, Peter
Cc: Reinhard Schaler
Subject: TOC for TWS Whitepaper

Hi Peter,


I know we were supposed to have a TOC drawn up and sent out to the TC by last Thursday, but unfortunately I have been snowed under with work for the past few weeks, I’m trying to write up my MSc thesis so I have not been able to spend much time on the TOC.


Anyhow here is my first attempt of an overview of what I believe should be incorporated into the white-paper. This will be my first white-paper so please let me know if I’m off the mark with regards to content. When compiling this I took into account what I as a “newbie” to TWS, would have liked to have had available to me initially when starting out with the implementation. I also used the XLIFF white-paper as reference (in the spirit of re-use!!).



  1. TWS Specification
    1. Development Lifecycle
    2. Categories of methods

                                                              i.      Service Support

                                                            ii.      Security

                                                          iii.      Translation and Request Quote

                                                          iv.      Status, Notification and Delivery

                                                            v.      Reference Files

    1. Services Supported in current specification
    2. Possible Inclusions in next Iteration of Specification



  1. Using Translation Web Services
    1. Web Services – Use
    2. Why use Translation Web Services?
    3. Technologies in TWS

                                                              i.      SOAP

                                                            ii.      WSDL

                                                          iii.      UDDI


  1. Use Cases


  1. TWS Reference Implementation
    1. Next Steps


  1. Glossary of Terms
  2. References    



I’m sure there is a lot that I have left out and maybe there are some categories mentioned above that you would not like to see in the white-paper so feel free to let me know whatever ideas you may have.


This at least is the first step towards a final TOC.


Best Regards,





Kevin Bargary

Research Assistant

Localisation Research Centre

Email - Kevin.Bargary@ul.ie

Phone - 061 - 213557



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