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Subject: Face to Face meeting

Hi all,


Thanks to everyone who attended the face to face meeting today. It was a very useful meeting. My minutes are below. I will also add this to Kavi.






Translation Web Services Face to Face meeting – October 24th


LRC XI Conference – Dublin


1/ Present: Martin Smyllie, Paul Hardy, Tony Jewtushenko, Kevin Bargary,  Florian Sasche, Peter Reynolds


2/ Objectives

Peter outlined the objectives of today which were to get completion on the committee specification on decide on where we should go to next.


3/ Ignite demonstration

Kevin demonstrated the work he has done on the implementation of the Translation Web services standard. This led to a discussion on the specification.


4/ Committee specification

The meeting reviewed the specification. Martin suggested there were two areas we should revisit. These were how to do calls such as the AssociateResource could be used in batch mode and how the FileUpload could be used for adding more than one file.


It was decided that we amend the calls in the reference files section of the specification so that they can deal with multiple files. We will also add a field called description which can be used to identify what the file is for.


We will update the fileUpload call so that it can be used to add multiple files and add an identifier for the file.


The section retrieveFullResourceList will be changed to section 6.5 as it is mistakenly called 6.4.


Martin and Paul agreed to make the changes to the specification.


Kevin and Peter will change the whitepaper and any other documentation which needs to be changed. It was agreed that we need to include more process flow diagrams in the whitepaper to provide more insight into how the specification would be used.



5/ Release of committee specification

We agreed that we would have the specification ready by our next meeting on November 8th. If there are any issues we will decide on them at this meeting and resolve at the meeting and through email. When there are no issues we will put together a ballot to approve the draft and submit it for peer review.


We will also publish the support material on our section of the OASIS web site.


6/ Promoting the standard/ Future direction of the TC.

We had a good discussion on the future direction on the TC. It was agreed that we would ideally like to see the TC grow following the release of the specification. Tony and Peter both mentioned that they would like to step down from their positions at some stage in the future.


It was agreed that we would try to get Case Studies which could be used to promote the specification. Companies that might be interested in doing this include SDL, Lionbridge, Idiom and thebigword.


We saw the way to attract new members was through publishing and promoting the committee specification, whitepaper and case studies. One issue which was seen as potentially important was integration with CMS providers. It is possible that this could be done through the JSR170 standard. It was also suggested that it would be good to get the CMS providers involved.


Our options for the future are to grow the existing TC by getting in new members or to join with a TC at OASIS dealing with localization issues include XLIFF.


7/ IPR Policy

Tony and Peter outlined the IPR policy at OASIS. There will be a TC ballot on this in the near future.



Idiom Technologies
More languages. More markets. More business.

Peter Reynolds
Director - LSP Advantage Program

Idiom Technologies, Incorporated
200 Fifth Ave
Waltham, MA 02451 USA

Email: preynolds@idiominc.com
Office:  +353 402-93017
Mobile:  +353 86 815-7079
VOIP:     36227@blueface.ie


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