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translators message

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Subject: Hi

Dear friend,
 RE save our soul
   I am Mrs. Deborah Kabila, one of the wives of Late
 President Laurent D. Kabila of Democratic Republic of
 Congo (DRC).
 Consequent upon the assassination of my husband, I am
 in possession of USD 58,000,000 (Fifty Eight Million
 US Dollars Only) being funds earlier earmarked for
 special projects.  This fund has since been deposited
 in a security company in West African Country of Togo
 where I am residing now with my children.
It is now my intention to move the said fund out of
 this place (Togo) to a safer place for the benefit of
 my children and I, for immediate investment.  Based on
 this that I solicited for your assistance to enable me
 take this money out of Togo.
 However, note that my children and I have agreed to
give you 20% of the total fund if you can accept the
 offer of assisting us.  Also it will be your
 responsibility in directing us on a viable business.
 It is also my intention to relocate and probably take
 a temporarily resident in your country pending when
 all the troubles in my country will be resolved. We
 advised that you look for a house we will buy as soon
 as we arrived.
 To conclude this transaction, you will be required to
 come to Togo to open an account in any bank here in
 Togo where the security company will deposit the total
 sum in your favor. From this bank the money will be
 remitted into your original bank in your country.
 Immediately this done, all of us will depart Togo to
 your country, where my children and I are expected to
 take a temporary resident.
 Please note that I can not open any Bank account with
 my name because, My late husband's first
 son-JOSEPH-who took over power in our country, don't
 want to see me and my children, He claimed that when
 our husband was alive, that I was very close to him
 than any other of his wives including his (Joseph)
 mother. He also claimed that because of my closeness
 to him that I was able to get things from him more
 than others. As a result he has been monitoring me.
 Infact this one of the main reasons I want to take my
children out of our country and any nearby country.
 Thanking you in advance.
Yours faithfully,
 Deborah Kabila (Mrs.)
 N/B: Kindly give me your direct telephone,fax and your mobile
telephone numbers for
 more explanations.

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