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Subject: wallstreet watch

Title: Wallstreet Advisors

Some of the best stock market researchers and analysts in the business are working their global contacts, reviewing financial data, and double checking the numbers to select the next buy/sell recommendation for Wallstreet Advisors.

For a monitored time period, you're invited to receive a no charge  3 month subscription to The Wallstreet Watch. At absolutely no cost.

The next issue contains information that may assist you in making confident investment decisions. Click Sign Up Now to confirm your complimentary subscription.

The Wallstreet Watch is extraordinary investment newsletter. It is published specifically for our clients at Wallstreet Advisors and is made available to the public on limited basis.

Monthly, our professional newsletter provides our clients the inside edge on trends, indictor shifts, insights and analyses on selected equities from European and emerging global markets. Edward Stevens of Morgan Growth Fund says, "The Wallstreet Watch" condenses a mountain of data into a few pages of common sense."

Wallstreet Watch readers look forward to our "Recommendation" issue, which profiles a company we forecast, will be a considerable stock market gainer.

Imagine... some of the world's leading financial analysts putting their reputation on the line to tell you exactly which stock to buy, when to buy it, and when to sell.

Just how insightful is The Wallstreet Watch? Take a look at our previous recommendations and judge for yourself.

In October 2001... we recommended buying Accredo Health Inc. (ACDO) at $20.89 and selling at $35.74 in January 2003. Readers who did enjoyed a 71% gain a significant profit.

In July 2002... we recommended buying Biomet Inc. (BMET) at $22.70 and selling at $29.78 in August 2003. Our clients enjoyed a 31% gain an expected medium term gain.

In November 2003... we said, buy Laserscope (LSCP)  at $12.80 and to sell in July 2004 at $26.00. 103% gain a tremendous return. The stock moved steadily as we predicted.

In September 2003... our advice was to buy BE Aerospace Inc. (BEAV) at $4.30 and sell at $7.20 in February 2004, up 67% in just 5 months an incredible gain!

In January 2004... a less known company Cavalier Homes Inc. (CAV) at $3.10 and recommended selling at $6.17 in April this year we advised as a real good acquisition, a 99% gain in just 3 months

Read about new trends, market shift and recommendations by receiving Wallstreet Watch, where you can read from the experts about companies especially the most lucrative which at this time is in the private equity sector of which you can participate with and have improved chances on increased share earnings.

Take advantage simply by accepting our invitation for your 3-month subscription.

Just click Sign Up Now:

You won't want to miss the news we have for you in the very next issue. So, we encourage you to accept our invitation today.

Best regards,

John Hamilton
Director of Client Services
Wallstreet Advisors

PS. Smooth times or tumultuous, bull market or bear market. There are always opportunities to make huge profits on the equities market. All you need is the right information - and the right buy/sell recommendations. This is precisely what you'll find in the Wallstreet Watch.

Let our analysts and strategists do the research and find the nuggets of stock market gold.

Here's a Quick Reply Bonus. If you sign up within 5 days of receiving this email, we'll also add our valuable bi-Monthly Email Updates to your free subscription.

We consider all the information regarding your subscription to be Private and Confidential and it is our company's strict policy never to exchange or sell your data.


If any questions or comments regarding special areas of interest, send us an email. Please be sure to include a topic in the subject line, and we will respond as quickly as possible.


To Unsubscribe, simply click here.

Wall Street Advisors, Ltd · 67 Wall Street · New York, NY 10005-3111

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