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translators message

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Subject: I am looking for your honest assistance please


Dear Sir,
I am a citizen of Republic of Rwanda (Central Africa) I am from the province of Kigali,my late father was  Lieutenant Kagame Karegeya,Director of External Intelligence at the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI).Rwanda who was murdered alongside with his personal Manager during the crises in Rwanda by his bossom Friend Mr.Mbundu a Rwandan businessman based in Kampala,Uganda over a Diamond Business when they seek refuge in his house.

I know how strange and embarrassed you will feel about this letter since we have not met before. I am just an innocent victim of circumstance in my situation that is why I decided to contact you for an urgent assistance regarding my inherited funds ($12,000.000.00) which I will need an urgent assistance from you in order to relocate to your country. I had to contact you through this medium as the only option left for me due to its urgency for your co-operation to secure an opportunity through you to invest and secure permenent residence in your country.

The above capital is what I inherited from my late father which I honourably intend to invest in
your country into a very lucrative business venture of which you are to advise and execute the said venture over there in your country for the mutual benefits of both of us. Your able co-operation is to become  a channel and a partner through which this funds could be moved into your country, and also create an idea on how the money will be invested, properly managed and the type of investment after the money is transferred to your custody with your assistance.

Meanwhile on indication of your willingness to handle this funds and the transaction sincerely by protecting my interests and upon your acceptance of this proposal I would furnish you with the full detailed information procedures involved and mutually agree on your percentage interest or share holding for helping me to secure the release of the deposit and investing the money.

I shall be glad to reserve this respect and opportunity for you if you so desire but do urge you to give the matter your immediate attention it deserves because of my situation right
Bellow is where I can be located:

Rainbows Of Hope
26 cite Adama Diop- Golf
Guediawaye Dakar
Contact:Rev.Desmond Osawere
I have not made this matter known to the care-takers of the above Home because of its confidentiality and will be happy you keep it to yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you as urgent as possible.
Yours Faithfully
Vestine Salima Karegeya.
Contact email:vestsalima2004@mariamail.com

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