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translators message

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Subject: 錄取通知..



我們主要業務是協助跨國性的產品供應商在全球不同的國家做業務的推展。目前手上正忙於全球最熱門的新興產業;橫跨生物科技及抗衰老方面的身心健康產業。未來10年 光美國就有一兆美金的市場潛力。因此急需徵求人材來滿足市場上的需求。


Dear Candidate:

Your personal profile probably meet our current need. Therefore, we are kindly inviting  to evaluate the possibility of working with us.

Our main objective is to assist Global Multinational Manufactures to market their product and service both locally and Internationally. We are now in the process of expending the most promise business for the next 10 years; the Wellness Industries; approximately 0ne Trillion dollar for the US market alone. For that reason we need more people help us to expand this market.

Please follow the procedure first to visit our web site. This is a screening  process that  had designed  to find the most adequate candidate who can  both follow the direction and teachable. After reviewing all the information; if you think you are the suitable person, please forward your detail personal  profile back to us. We will then direct you to the next screening process.


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