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translators message

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Subject: business assistance


I have made up my mind to forward this business
proposal after picking your address from the net.I
strongly believe that it is going to be a beneficial
business relationship between me and you.

My name hassan mobutu,I am the son of
Major general Aleu mobutu , the commander of
Revolutionary  united cront of congo (R.U.C).my
father died on 19th of may 2001with  some of his
troops during a fatal bloody shootout in the heat of
the civil war between the R.U.C and te peace keeping
forces in congo

to make it brief, i inheritted the sum of nineteen
million five hundred thousand united states
dollars($us 19.5m)cash from my late father which he
with  security and finance company LTD in dakar
senegal, before his untimely death.he made this
deposit in the begining of the crises that resulted  in congo.I am the
only son and his next of kin.

in a view of my security after the death of my
father,  I flee down to dakar senegal where I am now
my refuge. one fact is that i am not confortable here
at all because I dont have any atom confidence around
me here,so as a trust worthy,God fearing and capable
person  overseas who will be willing to help me to
this money from the security and finance company out
of senegal to a more stable country. your country is
politically stable to make profitable investments
and banking.

my dear i need your help both in transfering this
to your country and also during investing it in
profitable business ventures.I am confiding in you
fully hoping that you will not betray me in the
process of this business or after.I have concluded
in me to give you 25% of the total amount of the
on conclusion of this business.this offer is to make
you to give wholeheartedly all the naccessary help I
may need in course of transfering this money and
full protection i may also need when i come over to
your country  for disbursement and investment. if
may be, I promise to make papers for change of

to cover you as the beneficiary of the deposit in
the security and finance company .
note that details of the procedures in this
transaction will be discussed on your reply.

please note importantly that my future depends on
this money. i beg you keep this proposal top secret
my personal security and sucessful conclussion of it.

all the vital documents covering this deposit in
  security and finance company are with me.

  Waiting for your earliest reply.

best wishes.

hassan mobutu

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