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Subject: Business Development and Restructuring

TEL 2975804, EMAIL moneyday@emirates.net.ae

Accord Management Consultants (AMC) was founded in Dubai, UAE in 1987 with
a group of professional management and systems consultants as a results based
service oriented firm.

In depth knowledge of the Commercial and economic conditions prevalent in
the Middle East region has enabled AMC through its proactive consultants and
its understanding of "Systems thinking" to be effective. 
We understand that customers should be treated as individuals and the
solution that "one fits all" no longer works.

Since 1987 AMC has been providing Business consultancy for clients ranging
from start ups to large corporations. With over 15 years experience in the
Gulf and Middle East the insight into financial and management systems has been
enhanced with reputed organizations.

Our Consultants get involved in all activities in the Management
Information Systems (MIS) right from the analysis and uses of information through the
development of MIS strategies. 


Our package of service includes:

Business Process Improvement
Strategic Business Planning
Management Systems Audit
Joint Venture Appraisals
Mergers and Acquisitions
Project Finance Consultancy- Bank Finance Arrangements.
New Business Start up, Set up Planning
Management Consultancy Retainer 
Tax Planning 
Corporate Governance.


Benefits we have helped clients to obtain in Business Process Improvements

	Increasing output by 100% in 8 weeks

	Company Growth of 500% per annum

	Improving Quality by 100% in 14 weeks

	Reducing Product Costs by 10% in 2 months

	Reduce Overall Company Overheads  by 18%

	Reducing Stock by 25% and still Improving on -time Delivery

	Reducing Bank Interest Costs by Successful Negotiations

	Installation of Complete ERP System to manage business

	Complete Control of Company's Cash Flow.

BPI- Business Process Improvement-Our Specialty

In a small business the owner does everything. As the business grows he or
she has to employ functional specialists to whom the owner delegates certain
aspects of running the business. Over a period of time these functions expand
to a point where they become departments.

As documents, materials and information flow between departments, delays
start to occur as they pass from in-tray to out-tray to in-tray again. Often
defensive systems such as date stamping and counter signing start to emerge as
one department blames another department for a mistake or delay. Procedures
emerge. Paper work and meetings grow in an attempt to counteract these
difficulties to such an extent that it becomes difficult to co-ordinate activities
and get things done. 

It is at this point that the objectives of the organization come into
direct conflict with the Organization Procedures.



This is where Business Process Improvement, Business Process Re-Engineering
is useful. BPI and BPR approaches the problem from the point of view of the
CUSTOMER and the Process. Customer's views are important since the eventual
design should actually satisfy them and get repeat orders. 

What is Business Process Improvement?

It is a whole new way to manage your business. It requires to look at every
task that is done in your business as a part of a process .The way to become
more effective as an organization is to understand the key processes that
exist and have the people most directly involved with those processes determine
ways to reduce the time it takes to perform those tasks but also increase
the quality of the work performed.

"	Why Should You CHANGE?
"	What is wrong with your Current Methods?
"	What are the Steps towards the Change?
"	How To Re-Organize Your Organization?
"	Will IT (Information Technology)   make a Difference? 
"	How do you make Job Descriptions for Each Employee?
"	How do you construct a business plan to help YOU rather than the Bank
"	How do you make it happen?
"	And Once done, how do you continue the Process started?

This includes 
	Identify the Company Objectives
	Flow Chart all the company Processes.( Find out how things are done today
and verify if there are better ways of doing it)
	Waste Analysis (to identify waste in current process) Could be waste of
time, materials, money, and effort.
	Control System Design ( Identify the control levels required)
	Investment Decision (to identify whether investment in a particular asset
is required, useful in long run, will appreciate.
	A product or projects are really worth taking if risk is too high and
profits are too low.
	Measures of Performance ( A new method to identify success levels)

Improving Business Process is paramount for a business to stay competitive
in today's marketplace. Over the last 10 to 15 years companies have been
forced to improve their business processes, because we as customers are demanding
better and better products and services. And if we do not receive what we
want from one supplier, we have many others to choose from.

A Partial list of our satisfied clients:

1.	M/s Rais Hassan  Sadi Shipping Co. Dubai
2.	M/s Black & Decker ME
3.	M/s CIBA Specialty Chemicals Dubai
4.	M/s Koohiji Intl- Agents for Panasonic Brand for Iran
5.	M/s Silver Shields Trading Co. LLC-	 Agents for Daiwa, Japan
6.	M/s Master Baker Intl
7.	M/s Al Zamil Steel Trading Dubai
8.	M/s Burger King- Fast Food Chain
9.	M/s Europe Car- The Number One Rent A Car Organization.
10.	M/s Gulf Drug Establishment-One of the Largest Pharmaceutical
11.	Dubai Al Alia Transport Establishment
12.	Maham Impex, A Gold Wholesaling Company
13.	Mars Advertising
14.	Dania Real Estate
15.	Ziad Mohd Rasool Trading LLC
16.	Target Advertising
17.	Johnson & Johnson Middle East
18.	M/s Goltens-Major Ship Repair Company.
19.	M/s Maritronics LLC-A medium sized Satellite Communication Co.
20.	M/s Health Line ME-Agents for Reebok and Sketchers
21.	M/s Food Specialties Ltd.- Food Products
22.	M/s Jacky's Intl- Largest Electronic Retail Outlet in UAE
23.	M/s Sahari Enterprises Auh-
24.	Yousuf Mohd Rasool Al Awazi
25.	Marghum - Dubai
26.	AHI Middle East
27.	Modern Rent A Car
28.	BP. Middle East, Dubai
29.	Choice Elecronics, Dubai
30.	Gulf Glass Industries- Subsidiary of Alico Aluminum and Glass 
31.	Arabian Ocean Geeral Trading.
32.	Bin Dhaher Motors- Garhoud, Dubai
33.	M/s Tech Data USA- Fortune 500 Company Agents for HP,Compaq 
34.	Super Doll Trailor Manufacturing, Dar Es Salam Tanzania
35.	Sudan Pile for Roads & Bridges, Khartoum, Sudan
36.	Africa Medical Company, Khartoum, Sudan
37.	Diesel Generator Co, Khartoum, Sudan
38.	Reel Pharmacy Retail Chain , Khartoum, Sudan

The Accord Team.

P. Rajshekhar, Chartered Accountant,ICWA, LLB, ACS,
 MBA ( Marketing)  
 Chief Co-coordinator and Managing Partner - Accord Management Consultants,

K.S. Gururaj- Chartered Accountant, - Senior Manager -Accord Management
Consultants, Dubai 

S. Balasubramanian, B.com, MBA Marketing - Manager - Accord Management
Consultants, Dubai

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