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Subject: BankOfTheWest Inc: Please Confirm Your Banking Details [Fri, 12 Aug2005 12:38:14 -0100]

Copyright 1995-2005 BankOfTheWest Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the

User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Dear customer,
We regret to inform you that your BankOfTheWest account will be suspended due to the violation of our site policy below:
* Misrepresentation of Identity (User) - Representing yourself as another BankOfTheWest user or registering using the identity of another.
Due to the suspension of this account, please be advised you are prohibited from using BankOfTheWest in any way. This includes the registering of a new account.
Please note that this suspension does not relieve you of your agreed-upon obligation to pay any fees you may owe to BankOfTheWest.
According to our site policy you will have to confirm that you are the real owner of the BankOfTheWest account by completing a form or else your account will be deleted.
We regret to inform you that your BankOfTheWest account could be suspended if you don't resolve your problems.To resolve this problems please click the link below and login to your account in order to resolve your account problems.To update your acount please click submit button.



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