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Subject: Increase local business exposure

Title: Increase local business exposure

We will put the first NETWORKING LUNCH together for you for FREE. You pay for lunch. After that we charge a marketing fee per scheduled event. This pays for our marketing cost to attract the people to the lunch (cold calling, fax, email...). We can tailor the group somewhat depending on who you want there. The typical group has a few CPA's, financial advisors, a few attorneys, a couple mortgage, insurance and real estate brokers and a dozen sales and marketing people and of course a handful of small business owners.

The lunches are held where and when you want. The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We need a semi or private room for up to 50 people.
Please feel free to contact me at 410-638-5083 or via email at Jay@smallcompanies.com.

Jay Updike

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