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translators message

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Subject: Can I confide in you?


I know that this message found you with mixed emotion as we have not had any previous correspondence. However I got your contact address through my search for a reliable foreign business associate in whom I would confide in. Consequently, I decided against every odd to write you regarding this transaction after a very prolonged time of indecision. Therefore,I am disclosing this issue to you trusting that you would be confided to and can be of honest assistance to my predicament. I can understand that people from your country are very much reliable, transparent and completely trustworthy to be involved in a business arrangements like this.

My name is Mr.Manda Sese Seko.I am the third son to His Excellency,Dr.Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Bang(who was the former President and head of states in the Democratic Republic of Congo (fondly called Zaire)).You see, my late father acquired the sum of twenty-five million united states dollars (US$25,000,000)cash. Also, he tactically stashed the funds inside a locally made trunk box so that it would enable him move it out from Zaire without allowing the contents of the consignment known.

Fortunately enough and owing to his presidential influence/immunity and political prowess throughout Africa and the world at large, he succeeded and finally deposited the consignment with a security company in Dakar, Senegal (Western Africa).In the company, he declared the contents of the consignment as "Family Treasures". Unfortunately, few months after the transaction was concluded, my father was overthrown from power by Late Laurent Desire Kabila (A faction Rebel) and my family was exiled to Casablanca,Morocco. consequently, since the noise has died down at home and abroad, I decided to travel to Dakar,Senegal in order to secure the treasure hidden thereThe fund in question has been lying in the security company since the death of my father.

Therefore, may I use this medium to request your attention and assistance at this point, to know if you are disposed enough to help me keep this funds and secure the necessary investment in your country and with your name since it should not be lodged in my identity for now until all arrangements regarding the investments are properly handled to ensure a risk-free transition into my name.I have met the management of the security company where the consignment is lodged.

More so if it appeals to you to assist me accordingly I suggest that you should send all your contacts address fax/telephone numbers for easy communcation.
Please i will be waiting to hear from you.
You should contact me with this E-mail(manda_seko3@yahoo.com)

May God bless you.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr.Manda Sese Seko.

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