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Subject: China (Shanghai) International Leather Exhibition

China (Shanghai) International Leather Exhibition
Shanghai Mart (99 Xingyi Rd.)         May 17-19, 2006
¡¿Brief introduction to Exhibition
China is a big country to produce shoes, its annual output of various shoes is more than 6 billion pairs, owns more 
than 25 thousand enterprises related with manufacturing shoes and leathers, is the global biggest country in shoes 
industry and leather industry, the consumption of shoes occupies second position in the world.¡£This Exhibition 
provides a stage for enterprises related with leather, and shoes etc to propagate, show, interchange, and trade, and 
at same time, it strengthens information connect and interchange between enterprises, promotes trade and development 
between enterprises.
Shanghai, as the host place of "China (Shanghai) International Shoes And Leather Manufacturing technology and Material 
", is the biggest economical metropolis in China, and is also international financing, business and trading 
metropolis, is the windows opening to the outside world. With the rapid development of economy in China and won the 
EXPO 2010 Shanghai China, Shanghai is becoming step by step one of the most important economical, financing, 
information interchange centers in the world, will be a host place for many large-size exhibitions and meetings, and 
will be the platform of China enterprises advance to the world. Wholeheartedly welcome respective related enterprises 
to gather in Shanghai and open up together more wide developing space.   
¡¿Review to last Exhibition: Last Exhibition had successfully held during May 24-26,2005 at Shanghai Mart. Exhibition 
occupied area 8,000 m2£¬and had shown approximately thousand of most fashionable leathers, shoes, box, and bags etc. 
products, gathered so many more than 300 famous enterprises at home and abroad from Korea, Italy, France, Japan, 
United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, total 412 booths. According to some statistics, professional viewer 
exceeded 18 thousands persons, the intentioned volume of business was round RMB 450 million yuan. Amongst them, 
overseas professional viewers was achieved 20%, the viewers from East China was achieved 65%, and the viewers from 
other provinces and cities  and autonomous regions was achieved 7%, included enterprises from leathers, shoes, boxes, 
and bags industries. Viewers were mainly actual clients, achieved 65%, trading and others occupied 35%.
¡¿General survey of Exhibition ILSE
Name of Exhibition: China (Shanghai) International Leather Exhibition
Arrangement time: May 17-19,2006
Exhibition time: May 17-19,2006
Withdrawal time: Afternoon on May 19,2006
Approved unit: Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission
Sponsored unit: China Light Industry Information Center
          Shanghai Leather Technology Association
          Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission Business Exhibition Co., Ltd
Undertaken by: Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission Business Exhibition Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Co-sponsored unit:: China Leather Industry Information Center
          China National Manufacturing Shoes Industry Information Center
Wenzhou Shoes and Leatyers Industrial Association
Wenzhou Shoes machine chamber of commerce
¡¿Exhibition area: 12,000m2   Factory owners: 600
¡¿Plan for organizing viewers and advertisement propaganda
Advertisement in advance of Exhibition	
¡ôStrengthen powerful advertisement propaganda, carefully and thoroughly invites viewers
Through continuously integrated and developed, Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd has became one of organizers 
of more influential trading exhibitions in exhibition circles, and is devoted to exhibitions created with painstaking 
efforts, creates brand exhibitions, strengthens to make exhibition to be in more high level, service in more deep 
Through several years of professional accumulation, now it is established huge database for buying and selling, and 
completely service to exhibitors, professional viewers, makes brand effect of exhibition to be deeply engrained to all 
participators, and make obvious step by step to scope of the global.
¡ôIn advance of Exhibition, in various forms by telephone, fax, E-mail, website, direct mail, invitation, visit to 
invite many high quality purchasers at home and abroad from Korea, Italy, France, Japan, United States, United 
Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc to participate Exhibition.
1. Exhibition will propagate and make special coverage on hundred of professional
     newspapers, magazines, websites, broadcasting stations, TV etc media at home and abroad. 
2. On the eve of Exhibition, sponsored unit will print 400 thousands invitations, entrance tickets, mail to 
manufactures/importers/commercial agents/wholesale dealers/Government organizations/Department stores/chain stores 
/Supermarkets/trading corporations units etc by organizational committee via   East China Fair to invite to 
participate in Exhibition and visit Exhibition.
3. On the eve of opening ceremony, carefully compiles "Pre-glances before Exhibition ", focally introduces enterprises 
and products participated, and send to important purchasers. 
4. Http:www.lise.com.cn will be the unique website appointed by sponsored units of China (Shanghai) International 
Shoes And Leather Manufacturing technology and Material Exhibition in year of 2006,it uses Internet and modern 
communication techniques , through publishing latest trends concerning Exhibition, guide for participating in 
Exhibition, and information related exhibitors, it will strengthen communication and connect between Exhibition 
organizers and exhibitors and viewers, and will provide all-directional, professional service and guidance for 
participating in Exhibition for exhibitors and viewers, and will provide exhibitors in free charge for one year 
propaganda on website(including brief introduction to corporation/product/business). This website will be linked with 
websites of respective industries.
5. Cooperating with websites of many industries, set up Exhibition on website and
  live broadcast, makes purchasers ,which could not attend personally on spot,
  can also through internet inquire about information of exhibitors, and can 
provide 3 months propaganda in free charge on industrial website before and after
Advertisement after exhibition
1.After closing ceremony, organization committee of Exhibition will investigate by questionnaire related information 
of professional personnel visited exhibition, in order to react on this Exhibition to be communicative and cooperative 
for further exchange and with further influence.
2.During the exhibition, the detailed reference of all personnel of same industry including unit, name, post, 
characteristic of unit, aim for participating etc will be sent to exhibitors respectively on time after making 
3. Through network of sponsored units to send the proceeding of Exhibition to those personnel of same industry, and 
related technical personnel and distributing units which could not to participate in this Exhibition.
¡¿The scope of exhibits:
 1. The exhibition zone of leather and synthetic leather:
Leather and synthetic leather, PU leather, PVC imitation leather, cloth leather, front uppers leather, sofa leather, 
box and bag leather, true leather woolens, fur, leather surface material,  leather cloth, fur cloth, Ƥ»¯material, 
genuine leather, pelt, leather product, semi-finished product, and various leather surface material, supplement 
material etc.
2. Leather chemistry: surface active agent, absorbent agent, infiltrative dye, chemical assistant, fattiquor, metal 
complexing dye, coating material, PU glue, surface treatment  agent,  all-purpose adhesive, branch grafting glue, 
sclerosing agent, stearic acid zinc, mould agent, shoe adhesive, sole detergent, resin solidifying agent RC, Computer 
software and related network ,media, magazines etc.
3.      Others: distributive corporation, trading corporation, wholesale market, design and manufacturing shoes 
training, hardware etc.
¡¿Exhibition cost: 
1.       Standard booth: 
Cost of 9 m2 for domestic enterprise: Zone A: RMB 8,800 yuan
Zone B: RMB 7,800 yuan 
Cost of 9 m2 for foreign enterprise:  Zone A: USD 2,500
(including: 9 m2 exhibition site, 2.5m high wall panel, one lintel board with Chinese and English, one negotiation 
table, two chairs, one electric outlet of 220V,two spotlights, and carpeting in booth.)
2.       Indoor raw space: (at least rent 36m2 )
Cost for domestic enterprises: Zone A: RMB 900 yuan/ m2
Cost for foreign enterprises:  USD250/m2 (at least rent 18m2)(including: exhibition site, public security, and 
cleaning service)
¡¿Technical seminar
During the Exhibition the sponsored units will organize many technical seminars for
developing international technology, economical and trade exchange, propagate, and 
introduce product etc. All respective units can apply for holding such seminar.
Please set the subject for the seminar and send it and the Application for Exhibition
together to organization units, in order to arrange the site for exchanging and
facilities at an early date, and organize audiences according to specialized
Each seminar is limited to 2 hours and charged for RMB 5,000 yuan (including the
site for exchanging, sound, and drinking water, etc.)
¡¿Proceeding and other advertisement
Front cover:
RMB 20,000 yuan	Back cover:
RMB 16,000 yuan	Inside front cover:
RMB 12,000 yuan	Inside back cover:
RMB 10,000 yuan
Tirle page:
RMB 12,000 yuan	Entire page in color:
RMB 5,000 yuan	Entire page in black & white:
RMB 3,000 yuan	Ballioon:
RMB 3,000
Arch: RMB 6,000yuan/issue	Advertisement board:
RMB 20,000yuan/issue	Handbag: 30,000/10,000pcs	Directory in
RMB 500 yuan
¡óEntrance ticket:
RMB 3,000 yuan/10000pcs£¨start print from 30000 pcs£©	Entire page in word: RMB 2,000 yuan	Half a page in word:
RMB 1,000 yuan
¡¿Detailed regulation for participation 
1.Fill in the application form and send it to the organizer by mail or fax, and pay exhibition cost by telegraphic 
transfer or submitting to organizer within 7 days,  the fixed exhibition booth in advance just only can be reserved. 
The exhibitors should fax the bank money order to the organizer after remitting the respective  costs, We will write 
out the bill after receiving exhibition cost.
2.In order to ensure Exhibition to be held successfully, organizer reserves the
right to change the booth of part exhibitors.
3.Ordinal allocation principle of booth:" First in applying, First in payment, and First in arrangement". For booth 
with two-side entrances, plus 20% charge.
4.After receiving application for Exhibition and cost for booth, organizer will mail the "Exhibition Manual" to the 
exhibitors before March 16,2006. 
Inquire about detailed situation of Exhibition, please contact with organization Office :
Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission Business Exhibition Co., Ltd
Shanghai Leather Technology Association
Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Address: Room 20F,Bld. No.5, Wangzucheng, Lane 215, Caoxi Rd.,Shanghai
Zip code: 200235
Tel.: +86-21-6482 7889,  13585650688       Fax: +86-21-6482 7889-808
http£ºwww.ilse.com. cn                    E-mail:shyhzl@163.com
Contact person:Yang Kun +86- 0 -13585650688

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