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The 7th Shanghai International Label & Trademark Printing Industry Exhibition 

Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee:

                Add: Rm. 2304, No.4, Lane 251, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District, 
Shanghai, P. R. China         Post Code: 200235

Tel: +86-021-34141448-12    Fax: +86-021-34141448-15        E-mail: 

Contact person: Guo Xin         Mobile: 13801944912 

Time:      December 19-21, 2005

Venue:    Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (West Hall, 1F & 2 
F)     (No.88, Caobao Road, Shanghai)

Approver: The Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China

Sponsors:  China Packaging & Printing Industry Association         China 
National Advertising Association for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade

Beijing Foreign Scientific and Technological Exchange Center         Shanghai 
Science and Technology Development and Exchange Center

Shanghai Digital Printing Professional Committee       Shanghai Light Printing 
Industry Association

Supporters:China Trademark Association (CTA)                        China Trade 
Association for Anti-counterfeiting (CTAAC)

                    China Pack Net of China Packaging Federation        The 
Hong Kong Printers Association (HKPA)

Official Media:China Label Network (www.chinalabel.net.cn )    China 
Anti-counterfeiting Label Network (www.cnchangxiang.com)

Undertaker: Shanghai Shixin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Origin of Exhibitors: China, Germany, U.S.A., France, Japan, South Korea, 
Singapore, Australia, U.K., Malaysia, China Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc.

Industry Invitation: Domestic and overseas printing factories, printing and 
packaging factories, paper packing factories, publishing houses, advertising 
companies, output firms, composition centers, scientific research institutes, 
government institutions, trade centers, distributors, agents, traders, major 
printing and packaging industrial bases, purchasing groups and enterprise users 
and professionals (in the industries of electronics, toy, textile, clothing, 
food, pharmaceuticals, and daily-used chemicals, etc.)

Characteristics: The promotion mode of this exhibition is different from that 
of other exhibitions. “Invite the procurement/purchasing groups and visitors 
before organizing the exhibitors.” By summarizing the experience of past 6 
exhibitions and relying on the channels of domestic and overseas associations 
of the industry, the Organizer will organize professionals to pay visit, invite 
industry leaders at home and abroad to attend the exhibition, as well as 
organizing domestic and overseas procurement groups and trade groups to join in 
the exhibition. Part of procurement/purchasing groups will directly set up 
booths on the exhibition floor to show the lists of purchasing items and 
negotiate with manufacturers on the field. In this way, most of exhibitors are 
ensured to achieve the expected exhibiting results. 

Scope of Exhibits:

Label printing equipment and materials: Smart cards, smart labels and relevant 
products, technology, production equipment and materials; biological 
recognition technology, automatic recognition technology and solutions to 
information security, intelligence and network security, RFID card project 
application software, bank POS terminals, ATMs, IC cards and relevant products, 
technology, production equipment and materials, etc.; IC card project 
application software

Trademark processing machinery: Trademark printing machines, flexographic 
machines, gravure machines, letterpress machines, die-cutters, screen printing 
machines, sticker printing machines, sign machines, creasing machines, gilding 
machines, slicing machines, coating machines, printing plates and plate-making, 
pre-printing systems and holographic equipment

Machinery related to packaging trademarks: Jet-coding machines, labeling 
machines, bar-coding machines, trademark distributors, and thermal printers

Trademark anti-counterfeit technology: Anti-counterfeit technology, 
anti-counterfeit equipment, bar-code recognition systems, bar-code technology, 
and bar-code printing machines

Trademark raw materials & accessories: Sticker tapes, special-purpose paper, 
inks, gilding materials, adhesives, fiber label materials, smart card systems, 
printing materials for computer-controlled printers, aluminum-plated films, 
composite films, thermo-sensitive label materials, release paper and plate 

Trademarks & advertising design: Trademark design works and trademark CAD 

Testing & Inspection devices and accessories: Testing and inspection systems, 
instruments and relevant equipment

Anti-counterfeit Equipment: Laser etching equipment, laser printers, laser 
mould-pressing machines, inkjet marking machines, coders, trademark printers, 
label printers, barcode equipment, biological recognition equipment, tax 
control equipment, certificate and card equipment, stamp and seal equipment, 
engraving equipment, laser sculpting equipment, and code number machines
Anti-counterfeit Technologies: Laser holographic anti-counterfeit technology, 
telephone/electric coding anti-counterfeit technology, biological recognition 
technology for anti-counterfeit, printing anti-counterfeit, certificate and 
card anti-counterfeit, structure anti-counterfeit, logistics anti-counterfeit, 
barcode anti-counterfeit, inkjet coding anti-counterfeit technology, nuclear 
track anti-counterfeit technology, knotting cable graphic anti-counterfeit 
technology, atomic nucleus double-card anti-counterfeit technology, mobile 
phone short message anti-counterfeit query systems, double-card/fine-line micro 
anti-counterfeit technology, and anti-counterfeit double-effect marking 
technology, etc. 

Anti-counterfeit Materials: Paper anti-counterfeit, printing ink 
anti-counterfeiting, tamp-pad ink anti-counterfeiting, fluorescent powder 
anti-counterfeiting, carbon ribbon anti-counterfeit, biological recognition 
systems, holographic anti-counterfeit products, anti-counterfeit labels, 
anti-counterfeit packaging materials, anti-counterfeit packaging and printing, 
anti-counterfeit discrimination devices, anti-counterfeit stamp and seal 
materials, anti-counterfeit adhesive tapes and laser adhesive tapes for carton 
boxes, codification anti-counterfeit products, anti-counterfeit membranes, and 
other anti-counterfeit materials

Participation Fee:Charging standard        Domestic enterprises      
Joint-venture enterprises     Foreign-invested enterprises

                               Standard booth                RMB7800            
                   RMB13000                        RMB2800

                              Indoor raw space             RMB800/?            
 RMB1000/?         USD280/?

Publicity & Promotion:    In coop eration with more than 80 professional 
magazines and websites at home and abroad, the Organizer is planning to promote 
and publicize 

                                             this exhibition with all efforts.

◇    600,000 admission tickets are to be printed and sent out by direct mail 
through the domestic and overseas professional buyers database to invite 
clients to visit the exhibition and ensure the impact effect of the exhibition.

◇    Invitation letters, admission tickets, show catalogues, visitor’s guide, 
newspaper special, printing & packaging special, and material bags are to be 
printed and distributed to professionals and invite them to pay visit.

◇    A full-ranged coverage of the exhibition will be conducted via major 
newspapers, radio and television stations at home and abroad.

◇    The Organizer will select the same kind of professional exhibitions with 
large scale and influence for cooperation to make publicity and promotions and 
organize visitors.

          ◇Over 100,000 professionals will be invited to pay visit, make 
exchanges, negotiations and transactions through the 

                       relevant industry authorities,  chambers of commerce, 
associations, societies, foreign agencies in China, domestic and 

o                      verseas supporters and customers network established by 
organization of exhibitions over a long time.  

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