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New Investment Opportunity

"Cygnus Selected by Expedia to Impliment Point of Sale Ticketing System"

Our latest featured company ( OTC PK : CYGT ) Cygnus eTransactions Group has the potential to be another winner. This will be a ground floor opportunity you can't afford to miss. Cygnus eTransactions Group, Inc. went public in April , has a tight float and is producing substantial year over year revenues. The Company is expecting sizable revenue growth in '05 and '06 based on a strong base of recurring revenues and new customers.

Current price: $1.55 cents per share

The Company
Cygnus eTransactions Group, Inc. ( OTC PK : CYGT ) is an emerging growth company which provides ticketing, reservations and financial processing technology and services on fee per transaction basis to the leisure and entertainment industry. Key clients include Expedia, Universal Studios Theme Parks , AOL® CitiGuide, and AAA to name a few.

Company Highlights
Cygnus was recently selected by to implement a point of sale ticketing program:

On Monday November 7, 2005 , Cygnus announced they have signed an agreement to provide a point of sale ticketing and reservation system for Expedia Inc. Expedia plans to install Cygnus' advanced POS system at certain of its retail activity and service desk locations. Expedia also plans on deploying Cygnus' integrated payment processing system.

Click HERE to read the full press release

Cygnus continues to land major corporate relationships with some of the biggest players. In recent months, Cygnus has signed agreements with Expedia, AOL® CitiGuide, Universal Studios Theme Parks and AAA to name a few. Further, Cygnus believes there are NO Competitors offering the full range of capabilities provided by Cygnus.

Current Price
Shares Outstanding:
Float (Est.):  
35 Million
4 Million

For More Information visit:


  1. MAJOR Clients – Cygnus management has been able to land several major customers demonstrating that their product is in high demand. Cygnus continues to land MAJOR clients such as Expedia, AOL® CityGuide , Universal Studios Theme Parks, AAA just to name a few

  2. Recently Public - CYGT went public in April 05 and has a Tight Float. A Tight Float allows increased profit potential as big demand for the stock could be a catalyst to move the stock to higher highs.

  3. Strong Foothold - CYGT has a Strong Foothold in the Leisure and Entertainment Industry with MAJOR clients like Expedia, AOL® CityGuide and Universal Studios Theme parks .

  4. Limited Competition Cygnus management believes there are NO competitors offering the full range of capabilities provided by Cygnus .

Investment Considerations
Cygnus has continued to land contracts with the big boys but remains little known to the investment community. As investors become more aware of this under-followed company, the potential for the stock to move becomes evident.

To find out more about Cygnus go to:

Current Price: $1.55 per share

Recent Headlines

Cygnus Expands Las Vegas Services With Stokes Productions
Market Wire (Mon Nov 7)
Ginn Launches Cygnus Ticket Sales and Event Management System for LPGA Event
Market Wire (Tue Nov 1)
Cygnus to Leverage Advanced Printing Technology

Market Wire (Wed Oct 26)

Feature Clients

AOL® CityGuide is a leading provider of local entertainment information online, available free on the Web at
Universal Studios Theme Parks Online Ticket Store.
This is the Company's largest client
Cedar Fair, L.P. is a large operator of U.S. amusement parks (7)
and water parks (5). Its market encompasses more than 100 million people.
Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company. The Company has a contract to provide online ticketing technology and services for HersheyPark and Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park.
Paramount Parks (part of the Viacom Entertainment Group). Paramount parks has signedan agreement to provide theme park tickets through AOL® CityGuide, a leading provider of local entertainment information online and one of Cygnus' sales and marketing platforms.

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