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The 7th China (Shanghai) International

Printing & Packaging Industry Exhibition 2005

Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee:

Add: Rm. 2304, No.4, Lane 251, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, P. R. 
China   Post Code: 200235

Tel: +86-021-34141448-12    Fax: +86-021-34141448-15       E-mail: 

Contact person: GuoXin       Mobile: 13801944912 

Time:   December 19-21, 2005

Venue:  Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (West Hall, 1F & 2 
F)    (No.88, Caobao Road, Shanghai)

Approver: The Ministry of Science and Technology of People’s Republic of China

Sponsors: China Packaging & Printing Industry Association         China 
National Advertising Association for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade   

                  Beijing Foreign Scientific and Technological Exchange Center  
       Shanghai Science and Technology Development and Exchange Center

Shanghai Digital Printing Professional Committee       Shanghai Light Printing 
Industry Association

Co-organizers: Shanghai Printing Industry Association   China Wenzhou Packaging 
Technology Association

Hongkong Allallinfo Media Group Ltd.       Shanghai International Packaging & 
Printing City

Supporters:  China Pack Net of China Packaging Federation     Guangdong 
Provincial Packaging Technology Association

Shangdong Provincial Packaging Technology Association     Zhejiang Provincial 
Printing Association

Jiangsu Provincial Packaging Technology Association          Zhejiang 
Provincial Packaging Technology Association

Jiangsu Provincial Printing Association                                 
Guangdong Provincial Paper Products Committee

Hunan Provincial Packaging Technology Association            The Hong Kong 
Printers Association (HKPA)

Macao Printing Association                                                   
Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong

Undertaker: Shanghai Shixin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Origin of Exhibitors: China, Germany, U.S.A., France, Japan, South Korea, 
Singapore, Australia, U.K., Malaysia, China Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc.

Industry Invitation: Domestic and overseas printing factories, printing and 
packaging factories, paper packing factories, publishing houses, advertising 
companies, output firms, composition centers, scientific research institutes, 
government institutions, trade centers, distributors, agents, traders, major 
printing and packaging industrial bases, purchasing groups and enterprise users 
and professionals (in the industries of electronics, toy, textile, clothing, 
food, pharmaceuticals, and daily-used chemicals, etc.)

Characteristics: The promotion mode of this exhibition is different from that 
of other exhibitions. “Invite the procurement/purchasing groups and visitors 
before organizing the exhibitors.” By summarizing the experience of past 6 
exhibitions and relying on the channels of domestic and overseas associations 
of the industry, the Organizer will organize professionals to pay visit, invite 
industry leaders at home and abroad to attend the exhibition, as well as 
organizing domestic and overseas procurement groups and trade groups to join in 
the exhibition. Part of procurement/purchasing groups will directly set up 
booths on the exhibition floor to show the lists of purchasing items and 
negotiate with manufacturers on the field. In this way, most of exhibitors are 
ensured to achieve the expected exhibiting results. 

Scope of Exhibits:1. Printing Equipment:

  Pre-printing equipment: Desktop word and image processing systems, electronic 
color separation systems, plate copying apparatus, copying press, pattern 
printers, plate making machines, flexographic plate making systems, scanners, 
printers, phototypesetting machines etc.
Printing equipment:gravure printing machines, letterpress printing machines, 
single-color and multi-color printing machines, computer form printing 
machines, light printing and offset presses, design, production, printing and 
packaging equipment for trademarks, labels, stickers and barcodes, printing 
machines for envelopes, credit cards, vouchers and notes, name cards, digital 
printing machines,heat-transfer printing machines, gilding machines, drying 
machines, light curing machines, stretching machines, etc. 
Post printing equipment: paper cutters, binders,stitching machines,box gluing 
machines, strapping machines, testers, laminators, carton gluing machines, 
printing slotters, folders, varnishing machines, facers, cross-cutters, 
creasers, and gilders, etc.

Flexographic and gravure printing equipment: gravure printing machines, 
flexographic printing machines, flexographic printing material, apparatus and 
machinery, plate making machines, pattern making systems, double faced adhesive 
tapes, and printing cylinders, etc.
2. Corrugated board packaging:

Corrugated paperboard production lines, corrugated board printing and packaging 
equipment, testing and measuring instruments, die-cutting equipment for 
corrugated board printing, carton box logistic equipment, material disposal 
equipment, printing and packaging technology and equipment for corrugated 
carton boxes, paperboard, paper, paper boxes, and paper products, etc.; 
labeling machines, box strapping machines, sealing machines, and machinery for 
making carton boxes and bags.

3. Paper & Printing Equipment:

Various paper, inks, films, PS plate material, sensitive films, pulp, blankets, 
scrapers, printing plates and lamps, industrial belts, rubber rollers, coders, 
ink-jet markers, printing automatic equipment and control systems and other 
auxiliary systems. 

4. Packaging:

Packaging machinery and container processing machinery: a variety of new-type 
packaging machinery and equipment; filling, feeding, sealing, strapping, and 
labeling machinery; suck packing, skin packing, shrinking, wrapping, bundling, 
baling, and winding machinery; machinery for making cups, boxes, bags, barrels, 
cans, bottles, caps; packaging test equipment and general accessories, carton 
box printing equipment, and printing equipment for trademarks, labels, spraying 
codes, and stickers.            

Packaging material: co-extrusion laminating, stretching and blow moulding, foam 
sheets, paper boards and paper barrels, aluminum foils and material, adhesive 
tapes, inks, additives, hot-melt adhesive processing machinery, packaging 
material processing machinery, various paper and plastic packaging material, 
and laser material, etc.

Packaging products: new types of green environmental protection and degradable 
packaging products and technology; paper products, wood products, plastic 
products, composite packaging products, glass products, metal products, etc.; 
packaging containers (cups, boxes, bags, barrels, cans, bottles, caps, etc.); 
green environmental protection packaging technology, packaging anti-fake 
technology, packaging design, craftwork, publications and media, etc. 

Participation Fee:Charging standard      Domestic enterprises    Joint-venture 
enterprises     Foreign-invested enterprises

                              Standard booth              RMB7800               
          RMB13000                             RMB2800

                              Indoor raw space             RMB800/?           
RMB1000/?              USD280/?

Publicity & Promotion: In cooperation with more than 80 professional magazines 
and websites at home and abroad, the Organizer is planning to promote and 
publicize this exhibition with all efforts.

◇    600,000 admission tickets are to be printed and sent out by direct mail 
through the domestic and overseas professional buyers database to invite 
clients to visit the exhibition and ensure the impact effect of the exhibition.

◇    Invitation letters, admission tickets, show catalogues, visitor’s guide, 
newspaper special, printing & packaging special, and material bags are to be 
printed and distributed to professionals and invite them to pay visit.

◇    A full-ranged coverage of the exhibition will be conducted via major 
newspapers, radio and television stations at home and abroad.

◇    The Organizer will select the same kind of professional exhibitions with 
large scale and influence for cooperation to make publicity and promotions and 
organize visitors.

           ◇Over 100,000 professionals will be invited to pay visit, make 
exchanges, negotiations and transactions through the relevant industry

                         authorities,  chambers of commerce, associations, 
societies, foreign agencies in China, domestic and overseas supporters and 

                         network established by organization of exhibitions 
over a long time.  

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