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  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 22:47:22 +0700
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Dear sir,madam
Compliments of the day.I know very much that you will be surprise to recieve my mail as we have not met before.Infact, before proceeding further, I will like to introduce my humble self to you,My names are Mrs Rebecca John Garang a widow to the late Dr John Garang of Sudan, the late leader and founder of Sudans People Liberation Movement and till death the vice president of the Republic of Sudan who was killed in plane crash on his returning from a meeting with the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on the 30th of july 2005, and as such has left a big hole in the life of many people in my family and Country at large.As most people in Sudan knows very much that my late husband was killed by some people and all feared that the war which has taken the lives of many people for the past 21 years now, of which my late husband was able to fought for peace in the country and was able to brought peace back into the Country, has been killed by some wicked politicians in the Country, that the war might broke up the second time.
I am contacting you right now because of the fear and danger that is looming arround my family of which we do not know our fate at the moment what tomorrow might bring.In this case, I have decieded to contact you for your assistance to help us to secure and invest the money which my late husband left for us inorder to enable me and the children to have a better future ahead.I want you to know that before the untimely death of my husband, he was able to deposite a total sum of usd$15.8 million dollars ( fifteen million eight hundred thousand dollars) under the custody of a security firm in Tanzania.Now that I have decieded to see that this money is been taken care of as to ensure that the family still have something to hold onto in the near future, I do therefore, seek your kind assiatance to enable us to secure and invest this money properly into a good line of business in your country.
On your acceptance to assist us to secure and invest the funds properly, I will hand over all the documents in relation with this money that is still under the custody of the security firm to my son , who will fly down to meet you as to see that both of you will get the money out and you to see that it is been secured into your account prior to the investment proper.I want you to also know that you will be given a 10% of the total sum as a compensation to you for your efforts and kindness towards this family.I want you to also know that the heat of this crisis is still hot now in my Country and as such I will prefer you keep this mail very confidential as to ensure that we successfully move the money out of Africa and so that you secure it very well.I will give you more details on recieving your prompt reply.For more informations in relation to what I am telling you . I will advice you to check on this site, thank you and I do hope to hear from you soonest.worst thing now is even our lifes is even in danger in the hands of lebel soldiers.hope to hear from you very urgently.forward you private contact number
Best Regards,
Mrs Rebecca Garang.

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