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Subject: Anyla.com Holiday gifts $ale!

Title: Anyla.com - PDA accessories, Leather case, Retractable cable, lovely sync, Travel, USB Travel, Car charger, Screen protector.
Xmax Sale

Exquisite Paper Cut
Affordable, Quality, and Genuine Paper cuts, Always!
- Online Gallery!
- All Handmade Article!
- Great and special holiday gifts!
USB 2.0 MP3 Player - 256 MB
Multi-Codec Player; Firmware Upgrade; FM Function; Drive Free U Disk; "Private Space" Disk Mode; Record / Replay; 7 Preset EQ; Multiple Repeat Mode; Graphic User Interface Menu, etc.

Memory Cards NEW!!!
  • MMC Card 256 MB
  • 256MB CF Card
  • SD Card 256 MB

  • More>>>
    Anyla USB 2.0 Deluxe Aluminum Image Tank Enclosure Hot!!!
    Support: Hard disk, CFI/II, MD, SD, MMC, MS, MS-Pro, SM, MiniSD', RS MMS, MS Duo, MS Duo', XD...
    Mobile FM Transmitter Cool!

    Tune your car stereo or receiver to the clearest FM frequency, and enjoy your digital music with full sound and convenience.
    More Info >>>
    Art Deco Inspired Water Fountain
    Decorate your home or office with this lovely table top fountain Comes complete with silent water pump, it's sure to delight any room and provide a relaxing environment. Great for your self or as a gift.

    PDA Aluminum Metal Hard Case
    The world's smallest aluminium case perfectly follows the sleek curves of your PDA and slips easily into your shirt pocket. Covertec Anodized and Made from 100% aircraft-grade aluminium.
    PDA Full Grain Leather Case

    *Palm T E *Ipod B
    *Mini ipod *Treo 600
    *Dell Axim -- *HP h6300
    *Sony TH55
    *Dell X5 *HP h1945
    Memory Card Case
    Compact digital memory card case. Protective case holds up to memory cards including Memory Stick, Smart Media, and compact Flash.
    PDA Skin Case
    Flexible Skin Case. The ideal companion for your PDA!
    *Palm TE *Treo 600
    *Mini Ipod *O2 XDA II
    *HP 4155/5550
    USB to IrDA Adapter Hot!
    Wireless data transfer between desktop PC and notebook PC, PDA, Digital Camera,
    Scanner and Printer.
    More Info >>>
    Creative Travel Sound Speaker
    The supplied carrying puch is convenient for carrying the speakers with your notebook computer.
    Car Battery Jump Starter
    A portable 12 volt DC power source with 400 amps of starting power! Starts cars, boats, pick-up trucks, motorcycles and more.
    Please use coupon code "autosale" to drop $3.00 off!
    Anyla PS2 Optical Mouse
    Easy use, without scroll bar
    Optical high-tech precise positioning
    Smooth operation with high quality
    Ergonomic and perfect design
    Outdoor Solar Lights
    Weather resistant copper lamp, clear plastic with 1 bright white LED bulb minimum 100,000 hour life, no wiring required and easy to install. Photo-sensitive cell automatically comes on at dusk and turns off to recharge at dawn.
    USB Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    This USB vacuum cleaner is perfect for those hard-to-get spots such as in-between keys on a keyboard, computer cases, cooling fans, and more!
    Mini Universal AC to DC Adapter
    > Use your car charger at home
    > Mini size for easy portability
    > Input voltage: AC110~260V
    > Output voltage: 13.5V
    > Output Current: 550~650mA
    > Color: Black


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