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Subject: Suggestions for possible venues for Trust-el F2F

It has been a while since we’ve held a face-to-face (F2F) meeting of the Trust-el TC.  In the past, such meetings have been instrumental in providing input, feedback and direction for our deliverables.   To maximize attendance, we usually hold such meetings just before or after another identity event.  At this stage in our deliverable process, we are especially interested in getting feedback from other groups.


Do you have ideas  for meetings where we could append a Trust-el meeting?


Possible venues include:


·         InCommon/Internet2 Identity Week November 11-15 is still in planning stages, will consist of several meetings back-to-back, and will likely provide at least a couple of opportunities for discussion/feedback from higher-ed IAM folks. We could send a note out to attendees prior to the events, to enable them to review in advance.  http://www.incommon.org/idweek/


·         Internet Identity Workshop, October 22-24 in Mountain View, CA  http://www.internetidentityworkshop.com/.  We could hold a Trust-el session at this unconference.



Please send your suggestions to the list.



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