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trust-el message

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Subject: Minutes for September 29th Trust-el call

Minutes for the meeting of the Electronic Identity Credential Trust Elevation Methods (Trust Elevation) Technical Committee

September 29, 2016.

1. Call to Order and Welcome.


2. Roll Call


Attending (please notify me if you attended the meeting but are not on the list below)


Abbie Barbir, Bank of America

Andrew Hughes - y

Anil Saldhana, Red Hat  

Bob Sunday

Brendan Peter, CA

Carl Mattocks, Bofa 

Cathy Tilton, Daon    

Charline Duccans, DHS

Duane DeCouteau


Colin Wallis, New Zealand Government   

Dale Rickards, Verizon Business 

David Brossard, Axiomatics 

David Turner - y

Dazza Greenwood 

Debbie Bucci, NIH 

Deborah Steckroth, RouteOne LLC

Detlef Huehnlein, Federal Office for Information

Diana Proud-Madruga - y    

Diego Matute, Centrify

Don Thibeau, Open Identity Exchange  - y     

Doron Cohen, SafeNet

Doron Grinstein, BiTKOO

Gershon Janssen   

Ilene Bridges 

Ivonne Thomas, Hasso Plattner Institute

Jaap Kuipers, Amsterdam  

James Clark – Oasis

Jeff Broburg, CA

Jeff Shultz , NIST 

Jim Macabe (Kaiser)

John Bradley 

John "Mike" Davis, Veteran's Affairs 

John Tolbert

John Walsh, Sypris Electronics

Jonas Hogberg

Julian Hamersley, Adv Micro Devices

Kevin Mangold, NIST - y  

Lucy Lynch  ISOC

Marcus Streets, Thales e-Security

Marty Schleiff, The Boeing Company

Mary Ruddy, Identity Commons  - y

Massimiliano Masi, Tiani "Spirit" GmbH 

Mike Harrop

Mohammad Jafari, ESC 

Orlando Adams

Peter Alterman, SAFE-BioPharma  - y 

Peter Jones -

Rainer Hoerbe -

Rebecca Nielsen, Booz Allen Hamilton  

Rich Furr

Rick Grow - y

Ronald Perez, Advanced Micro Devices

Scott Fitch Lockeed Martin

Shaheen Abdul Jabbar, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.   

Shahrokh Shahidzadeh (Intel Corp)   

Suzanne Gonzales-Webb, VA - y  

Tony Rutkowski

Tony Nadlin

Thomas Hardjono, M.I.T.  

William Barnhill, Booz Allen Hamilton

Adrianne James, VA 

Patrick, Axiomatics

Steve Olshansky


We achieved quorum.


2. Agenda review and approval


We used the following chat room for the call: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/trust-el


The agenda was approved.


Peter reported that he and Abbie attended the ITU-T meeting and briefed the committee on the Trust-el work. Abbie can provide the details. The ITU-T said that they would adopt what we have developed. 


3. Approval of the Minutes


Don made a motion to approve any unapproved minutes

Peter seconded the motion.

There were no objections.

The minutes were approved.


4. Editors Update


Andrew reported that a couple of weeks ago he posted working draft 0.91. Then he posted 0.92 with an additional contributor’s name. At this point we need a TC motion in our minutes to send this working draft back for public comment. Then we will continue on the path to the standards proposal. Is this the TC’s understanding?


Peter then replied that’s how I read it.


Andrew moved to take the 0.92 document draft and sent it to the Oasis administrators to release as a draft for public comment.


Peter seconded the motion.


Don noted that it was a unanimous vote.


Andrew encouraged the TC to do a careful review of the document. Some of the statements have been rewritten as being clearly normative vs. non-normative since the last review.


Andrew will get the draft sent into Chet, and we will move forward.


5. Adjourn


Peter made a motion to adjourn.

Don seconded the motion.



anonymous morphed into Don Thibeau


anonymous morphed into Peter

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