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Subject: Re: [ubl-adoption] Editor responsibilities for tags and taxonomies

Hello Ken,
it seems I am not enabled to update the taxonomies.

I created my user by myself, so I am not surprised I am not an
administrator, also I think I never received a predefined user with admin

The very 1st time I tried to logon using the same user I have for
oasis-open.org, but it didn't worked.

Do you have any suggestions ?



> Fellow ubl.xml.org editors,
> I've learned that editorial members have oversight over the tags
> introduced by the general public when they post their contributions
> to the site.
> Many of the sections allow visitors to filter the pool of documents
> for a given area through a selection of the tags used for each
> contribution.
> The "tag cloud" can be seen at http://ubl.xml.org/categories and
> edited by editorial staff here at
> http://ubl.xml.org/admin/content/taxonomy_manager/3
> The tags make up but one of the many taxonomies on the site.  The
> available taxonomies are at
> http://ubl.xml.org/admin/content/taxonomy_manager and each editor
> responsible for a given area should review the taxonomy for that area
> and how that taxonomy affects the contributions and the visitations.
> For example, Roberto recently moved many of the support site
> resources into his "products" area of the site.  Only two resource
> types for products were available at the time.  Now that I know about
> these taxonomies I can ask him to review the "product features" at
> http://ubl.xml.org/admin/content/taxonomy_manager/4 and to create a
> revised set of criteria by which the user can present more
> fine-grained summaries of the pool of products.
> Would all editors please review this aspect of their area of the web site?
> Also, another reminder that we want to shut down the old support site
> and can only do so after all of the content has been migrated over to
> UBL.XML.ORG.  As an editor, please try to follow through with this as
> soon as possible.
> Please let me know if you have any questions about tags or the
> taxonomy ... I'm starting to feel more comfortable now about how the
> site works.
> Thanks!
> . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken
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