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Subject: Re: [ubl-adoption] ... some questions of mine

At 2008-05-15 13:07 +0200, Karsten DBIS wrote:
>having only very little experience in using the system behind ubl.xml.org,

As do we all!

>I hope I do not ask too silly questions about it.

We are all learning our way.

>Below some questions I have:
>    * [System/Customization] When I got it right 
> is the current page for "Customization" - that 
> is included in the upper menu - is "just" a 
> wiki page/entry, while the other menu entries 
> seam to be different.  They - like Products - 
> are more standalone containers where visitors can add their contribution.
Yes, I'm expecting the Customizations page to be 
different than the others ... like a collection 
of mini home pages for each customization project 
to describe their work.  Visitors to the site 
will find the customizations grouped together so 
they can peruse what is available and see if they 
can benefit from what others have done.

It feels quite different, I think, than the others.

>    * On the "Customization" page, visitors currently can only add comments.
>    * ... I could not find out if or how to 
> change it!? ... and what are the possibilities we have?
Review http://ubl.xml.org/add-wiki to see if that 
helps.  I anticipated, for example, ABILITIES 
would just add a new page (rather than comment) 
and edit it with the information.

>    * [General] During looking at the different 
> categories, I realized that in the explanation 
> of the category Resources we have 
> "community-support tools for UBL". ... wouldn't 
> it more clearer to have also this tools within 
> the Products category? ... or will they be entered in both?

After some discussion it was decided that 
developer resources and tools are just like "free 
products" and all would go together in that category.

We've also decided that what is now labeled 
"Wiki" was going to be renamed "Resources" and 
the current resources information added.  After all, the entire site is a wiki.

This in particular has been a confusing 
distinction that hope will soon be removed.

>    * [System] In case we want to have entries 
> in more than one category (see Q2) can this be 
> done without rewriting the article? ... 
> otherwise we will end up in a maintaining problem.

I'm not anticipating entries to be in more than one category.

>    * [Customization] For me the goal of this 
> part is to provide others the possibility to 
> present and discuss their customization done or 
> planed. I therefore extended the existing entry 
> of Carol. Once I have more time I will start 
> this by presenting what we did in ABILITIES. 
> However, this also means that there is no 
> content that needs to be shifted from the "old" Support Page to it, right?

Yes, I believe there is no customization 
information on the support page.  The action item 
from the meeting was to have you expand on the 
introduction to explain the role of this area.

>    * ... regarding customization there where 
> the customization sheets of Ken on the "old" 
> Support Page and they are already included into 
> products (when I am not wrong).

I was expecting customization tools to be under 
the products area ... you bring up an important 
point, though, so perhaps you could mention in 
your introduction that there are tools in the 
products area related to specifying customizations.

Thanks, Karsten!

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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