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Subject: Re: [ubl-adoption] Minutes of the UBL Adoption Subcommittee 15 November 2017 15:30UTC

An initial and fast answer to this issue.

The visibility on internet of the ubl.xml.org website is low for two reasons:
1) Brand confirmation is missing.

It can be rapidly checked by searching on google "ubl xml", then you will find several UBL links, but on the right side of the page youu will note just a blank area.  That area is usually reserved for the brand confirmation.

So, if you search "oasis open" you will have something on the right this time, but it is wrong, not a true brand confirmation.

If you search "Crane Softwrights Ltd." you will have a better brand confirmation, but still not the top.

Finally, if you search "IBM" you wil obtain a true brand confirmation.

So, as a first correction it looks that OASIS should plan an effort on this matter for all its web sites and especially for its famous brand.
2) Plain classic ranking issues.
Ranking is made up by several things, the (1) is today a primary aspect, then back links and the way the web site and its content are done.


Il 15/11/2017 18:15, G. Ken Holman ha scritto:
2.3 Community home page - http://ubl.xml.org
 - web site contributed to by the public (moderated)
 - why is this inactive?
   - is it the available functionality?
   - is it the visibility of the site?
 - note that the DITA community is creating their own web site and
   the http://dita.xml.org will be redirected to it
 - Kenneth to talk with OASIS about options

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