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Subject: [ubl-australia] Minutes of ALSC Call 25 July 2018 10:00 AEST

Minutes of UBL Australian Localisation SC Call
Inaugural Meeting: 25 July 2018

Ken Holman
Andrew Mitchell
Levine Naidoo (convenor)

Matt Vickers

1. Review & understanding of subcommittee charter
  • Whilst the interest of the subcommittee will be the broader use of UBL beyond the Australian DBC eInvoicing initiative there are some potential gaps the are in need of UBL thought leadership.
2. Review of roles and responsibilities
  • Ken provided an overview of his role and tools made available to the community, which includes schema generation, validation and documentation.
  • All members should make the effort to review artefacts and materials.
  • There is a conduit for community non-members to feedback to the UBL TC & SC via the public comment list.
3. Discussion on subcommittee's relationship with TC
4. Overview of any current implementations in Australia
  • An overview was provided on initial DBC related POCS (using publicly available information) such as Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, New South Wales State Government and various Federal Government initiatives.
5. Discussion on short and long term scope
  • Current DBC invoice model discussion
    • No work products are currently being produced by the DBC
    • Details to be discussed at the next SC meeting on issues picked up in relation to the invoice and application response document schemas, business rules etc (Levine)
  • Understanding and implementation of Australian invoice policy requirements and barriers
    • review of the ATO tax policy requirements needs to be done with a view to ensuring they are incorporated  correctly into the semantic guidance
    • monitoring of barriers will be ongoing to provide insight to the committee around producing guidance artefacts
  • Version of UBL to use and augmentation of the semantic model with localised content
    • Version 2.2 will be used as a basis for the SCâs artefacts
    • A new set of 2.2 spreadsheets will be needed
    • Setup the SC spreadsheets and transfer the semantic information items for the SC subset (Levine)
  • Level of guidance required (including additional guidance documentation, samples, scenarios)
    • to review on an ongoing basis depending on workload and SC resources
  • Other documents in the P2P lifecycle
    • A candidate list of documents, included in the broader p2p scope, will be discussed at next SC meeting (Andrew)
    • There may be a possible overlap with the new ALSC requirements and transportation SC requirements (Andrew)
6. Meeting schedules and next meeting date
  • 8 August 10am AEST, every fortnight.
7. Any other business
  • None


Levine Naidoo

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