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ubl-cefact message

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Subject: [ubl-cefact] UBL response to UN/CEFACT

Dear Ray,

Please find below the response of the UBL Negotiation Team to your
message of 12 March 2003.  We believe that this plan addresses all
the issues raised in the document attached to that message and in
the exchange our teams enjoyed at the UN/CEFACT meeting in San

You will note that the former items relating to the time period
between January and March of this year have been deleted as no
longer relevant.  In their place, Section 2 below is intended to
reaffirm our desire to gain as much UN/CEFACT input as possible
before UBL goes to version 1.0.

I would like to express my thanks to the entire UN/CEFACT team for
its effort in finding terms that will allow UBL to join in the
work of UN/CEFACT and my hope that we can now proceed together to
make this union a reality.

Best regards,

Jon Bosak
Sun Microsystems


Revised Plan for Transfer of UBL to UN/CEFACT

13 March 2003

1. The development of UBL Naming and Design Rules and UBL Library
   Content shall continue in the current OASIS organizational
   structure until completion and OASIS standardization of Version
   1.0 of the following items of work: the UBL Naming and Design
   Rules, the UBL component library, and an initial set of UBL
   document schemas.  Completion of these work items is expected
   in 2Q2003 and OASIS standardization is expected in 3Q2003.  It
   shall be the plan of the the OASIS UBL TC to complete these
   items in time to become ATG items of work at the meeting of the
   UN/CEFACT Forum in September 2003.

2. The UBL TC shall recommend to OASIS the creation of one or more
   short-term mailing lists for the direct input of comments from
   members of UN/CEFACT into the work of the UBL 1.0
   specification.  Interested UN/CEFACT members shall be invited
   to participate informally in UBL TC and technical subcommittee
   meetings.  Input from UN/CEFACT members shall be given
   consideration to the fullest extent possible within the limits
   of UBL's current schedule, scope, and business requirements.

3. Upon completion of the initial set of deliverables and their
   publication as OASIS standards, OASIS shall grant UN/CEFACT an
   unlimited, perpetual, royalty-free license to continue
   development of the standards and to publish works derived from
   those standards as UN/CEFACT specifications.

4. Ownership of the UBL name and logo as applied to version 1.0
   shall remain with OASIS; ownership of the UBL name and logo as
   applied to later versions of the work shall vest in UN/CEFACT.
   OASIS shall continue to distribute UBL 1.0 without charge to
   users but shall discontinue further development of the
   standard.  UN/CEFACT shall publish future versions of UBL
   without charge to users.  If UN/CEFACT fails to publish a
   version of UBL as a UN-sanctioned standard within one year of
   the date on which this agreement takes effect, or if UN/CEFACT
   at any future time transfers development of UBL to some third
   party or terminates its continuing development and maintenance
   of UBL as a freely available standard, then OASIS shall have
   the right to resume further development of UBL using the UBL
   name and logo.

5. UBL shall be formally recognized as UN/CEFACT's preferred
   document-centric XML syntax for business-to-business electronic

6. The OASIS UBL subcommittees shall transfer to UN/CEFACT as UBL
   subcommittees of ATG2 chartered to continue development of
   UN/CEFACT's document-centric XML syntax for
   business-to-business electronic commerce.

7. This plan shall become effective when approved by UN/CEFACT,
   OASIS, and the OASIS UBL Technical Committee.

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