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Subject: Re: [ubl] CodeList Conundra

Thanks for your response. Attached is a prototype edit of the schemas as they stood in draft 7 but modified to support the code list model. The edit is not perfect or complete but it should illustrate successfully the code list mechanism. This mechanism was approved at the face to face meeting in Washington as the desired level of capability for ubl 1.0.
I believe that it is built on the existing schemas and models. The code list document needs a little clean up to match precisely the metadata of the models as they are seen to stabilize. After that, I can make a more precise example after the balance of the questions are answered.
Give a look at the attached and observe MartysSampleInstance.xml which shows how the chain of definitions can work. I have zipped up the entire modified version 7 tree. However, only the following modifications were made:
UBL-CodeList-CurrencyCode-Use-1.0-draft-7.1.xsd-- contains the currency code schema according to the code list model
UBL-CodeListUnspecializedDatatype-1.0-draft-7.1.xsd -- contains the base model for code lists
UBL-SpecializedDatatypes-1.0-draft-7.1.xsd -- contains modified type to use currencyCode instead of DerivedCode and adds some test elements and types to illustrate use of the code list model.
Throw darts of course,


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