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Subject: Re: [ubl-ndrsc] Matt's comments on Guidelines

Since I find myself working on this today, here are some answers:

Eve L. Maler wrote:
> Looks great!  It's a model of clarity, the examples are extremely 
> helpful, and I find it a relief to see such clear <context> syntax. :-) 

But the formatting is a royal pain, I can't use Word and Matt doesn't
want to use OO, so I've converted the whole thing to XML and that's what
I'm now editing. Next version you see will be XHTML.

>  I have just a few comments:
> - General questions: Will the "shoulds" and "musts" here ultimately be 
> turned into numbered Rn rules?  Is this document destined to be folded 
> into the NDR document?

I believe the question was answered in the negative this past Wednesday.

> - General comment: There are a number of little stylistic and 
> copyediting needs and the graphics could be normalized a bit.  E.g., the 
> "Customization through other means" header (line 283) has some weird 
> page breaking going on around it.  I might be able to help with this 
> sometime next week, if desired.

I believe I've made the formatting issues moot ;)

As to the graphics, my copy of OpenOffice does not show them because I've
deleted them. However, every time I convert OO into Word, the graphics
reappear, like in some horror movie. With the conversion to XML, this
should not be a problem.

> - One-per-context (line 114): I'm sure this is treated below, but the 
> rule is more subtle than expressed here, right?  It's not that 
> particular slot (context driver) out of the eight can't be used again, 
> but the value in that slot (the "context") must be more specific than 
> the previous value supplied for that slot (if any) in the derivation chain.

You are absolutely right and this will change.

I have not looked at the rest yet, and may not get to it today. When I
do I'll send another note.

THanks, Eve!

> - "Explicit" type definitions (line 172): I would say "named" rather 
> than "explicit", because both named and anonymous types are explicit 
> (that is, they both have a complexType or simpleType element around them).
> - Requiring the use of a derived type (line 179): Doesn't the derived 
> type have to be bound to an element in the user's namespace in order to 
> require use of the new type instead of the base one?  It doesn't quite 
> say so here (or does the next bullet say it for a different reason?).
> - Deletion of required components (line 286): The general case should be 
> stated as x..y to x-1..y.  0..y is just an example of a particular kind 
> of reduction.
> - Abstract ur-types (line 299): I don't quite understand this graphic. 
> Where does d,e,f get added on the ultimate type on the left?  And 
> shouldn't one example derivation in the picture be shown emanating from 
> the abstract level rather than the derive 80/20 level?
>     Eve
> Eduardo Gutentag wrote:
>> On behalf of Matthew, who seems to be unable to post to this list (and 
>> come to
>> think of it, I don't even know if I can, we'll see). I just saw this, so
>> I have not read it at all. So, sight unseen, I'll venture that it 
>> still needs
>> more and better examples :)
>> Dan Vidt expressed willingness to work w/me on examples. Dan, you 
>> still there?
>> Quoting from Matt's message to me:
>> "The document seems great to me. I only made a few editorial changes. I
>> think the important next step is for this to be reviewed by other
>> members of the UBL TC (particularly the LC and NDR subcommittees) and to
>> be looked at by potential users (not sure how to sollicit feedback on
>> this). My biggest concern is that much of the content of the document
>> may not be sufficiently clear for a UBL newbie; obviously as a co-author
>> it is hard for me to make a judgement on this."

Eduardo Gutentag               |         e-mail: eduardo.gutentag@Sun.COM
Web Technologies and Standards |         Phone:  +1 510 550 4616 x31442
Sun Microsystems Inc.          |         1800 Harrison St. Oakland, CA 94612
W3C AC Rep / OASIS TAB Chair

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