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Subject: Re: [ubl-cnlsc] [Fwd: Re: UBL Pacific coordination call 12 January]

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, please help to get more opinions from other subcommittees. Thank you very much.
Regards, -Patrick

Tim McGrath wrote:
thanks a lot for this.  i does look impressive - whatever it means!

this has exposed some useful aspects of the localization work.  do you mind is i pass this onto other subcommittees?

Patrick Yee wrote:
Team and Tim,

Here is the first draft of my translation. I translate the terms based on Hong Kong and used traditional chinese characters. Here is the summary of experience when translating:

1. Terms used in Hong Kong may be different from the terms in elsewhere (PRC, Taiwan, etc.). I only have the knowledge of Hong Kong and PRC (a little bit).
i guess this is true everywhere, we can only hope to use a controlled vocabulary of terms for our naming.  there will always be  'regionalization' within localization.  so it may be necessary to choose an offical term and then have use business terms to name the alternatives.

2. When translating the definition (i.e. description), sometimes I don't understand the context. For example, built-up area. I guess may be when the spreadsheet is initially drafted, some discussions have taken place on what words to use. Lacking of that background sometimes makes translation difficult.
We are also now trying to establish a vocabulary of our english terms .  it appears this is a necessary component of any localization.

3. Some Business Synonyms are not plain English terms. I don't know how to translate.
i am afradi some of the business terms/synonyms were from the OASIS CIQ team's xAL (XML Address Language) so they are actually element names not real english words.  I am not sure you need to translate these anyway.  it may be better to use this for your own local synonyms or similar business terms.

4. Sometimes we don't know the business concept of the BIE, it may be due to (a) the concept differs in western and chinese addresses, or (b) we don't have enough domain knowledge.
it may be that some things do not apply.  this becomes a customization issue rather than a translation one.  perhaps it is best to leave the non-applicable ones in english for now.

This is my experience so far. Please comment on my translated spreadsheet and we may need to discuss on how to overcome those obstacles. Thanks.

Regards, -Patrick

Patrick Yee wrote:
This is the first exercise of translation. I will work on this and post my work here for comment. Also I will send the translated work to Tim for generation of schema. Thanks.
Regards, -Patrick

tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

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