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Subject: Business terms in CNLSC draft

Hello Patrick,

I'm looking at the file UBL-Order-1.0-chinese-draft.xls in your
message to the CNLSC dated 8 September.  In the column where I
would expect to see the Chinese business terms, I find only
translations of the alternative English business terms.

In the English version, the "UBL Name" provides the terms that
would ordinarily be used in English-language interfaces and the
labels of form fields, and the column headed "Alternative Business
Terms" contains just a few variant versions of the usual "UBL
Name".  But in the translations, we need the "Business Terms"
column to contain a complete set of localized standard terms, one
for each element, to provide labels for localized interfaces and
form fields.  For example, see the file
UBL-BD1-Order-1.0-Japanese.xls in the Japanese translations posted
to the ubl list by Saito-san on 1 September.  The Korean and
Spanish teams have also provided these terms.

Does the team performing the Chinese translation understand that
an important part of their task is to find the correct Chinese
business term for each element?

If these terms have been provided and I am just unable to see
them, please tell me!

Best regards,


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