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Subject: Re: Business terms in CNLSC draft

Hi Jon,
Yes you are correct. Our current excel file has that part missed. I 
aware that we have to provide translation on the "Alternative Business 
Terms" as well. Thanks for pointing that out. :-)
Regards, -Patrick

jon.bosak@sun.com wrote:

>Hello Patrick,
>I'm looking at the file UBL-Order-1.0-chinese-draft.xls in your
>message to the CNLSC dated 8 September.  In the column where I
>would expect to see the Chinese business terms, I find only
>translations of the alternative English business terms.
>In the English version, the "UBL Name" provides the terms that
>would ordinarily be used in English-language interfaces and the
>labels of form fields, and the column headed "Alternative Business
>Terms" contains just a few variant versions of the usual "UBL
>Name".  But in the translations, we need the "Business Terms"
>column to contain a complete set of localized standard terms, one
>for each element, to provide labels for localized interfaces and
>form fields.  For example, see the file
>UBL-BD1-Order-1.0-Japanese.xls in the Japanese translations posted
>to the ubl list by Saito-san on 1 September.  The Korean and
>Spanish teams have also provided these terms.
>Does the team performing the Chinese translation understand that
>an important part of their task is to find the correct Chinese
>business term for each element?
>If these terms have been provided and I am just unable to see
>them, please tell me!
>Best regards,

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