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Subject: Chinese UBL translation

People following the OASIS UBL effort will recall that UBL
localization subcommittees have been translating the UBL 1.0 data
definitions into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.  I am
pleased to announce that the last of these draft translations
(Simplified Chinese) is now available for public review at


The UBL Chinese Localization Subcommittee (CNLSC) invites speakers
of Chinese to comment upon their work.  Please send all comments
and questions regarding the translation to the CNLSC co-chairs,
William Chan (william@npc.org.cn) and Patrick Yee (kcyee@cecid.hku.hk).

As previously announced, the Japanese, Korean, and Spanish
translations are available at the following locations:


When added to the original English version of the UBL data
dictionary, these four translations make the UBL element and
attribute names understandable to more than two-thirds of the
world's current online population.

Following a brief period for public review, the four draft
translations referenced above will be revised in light of comments
received and then published as OASIS Committee Drafts.  People
interested in helping with the 1.0 localization revision or
participating in UBL localization during the upcoming development
of UBL 1.1 should contact the chairs of the relevant localization
subcommittees through their web sites below.

   OASIS UBL Chinese Localization SC

   OASIS UBL Japanese Localization SC

   OASIS UBL Korean Localization Subcommittee

   OASIS UBL Spanish Localization SC

Everyone is encouraged to submit comments on the draft
translations, but note that you have to be an individual member of
OASIS or an employee of an OASIS member organization to formally
participate in the UBL TC or its subcommittees.  You can join
OASIS through the OASIS web site at


Jon Bosak

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