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Subject: [ubl-comment] URGENT REMINDER : Initial sign up for eBTWG Project Team

Title: Requesting Comments on BPSS
Now that eBTWG has started, with meetings last week in San Francisco, and the eBTWG Project Teams are already working, it's still not too late to join a team. Remember, all eBTWG work will go to the new UN/CEFACT eBWG e-Business organization so you have a chance NOW to help contribute to a world standard effort that's already got global recognition. Please see : http://www.ebtwg.org/groups/ebtwg.html for project team details.
Specifically, for the Business Collaboration Patterns and Monitored Commitments Team, we will be working directly with industry and real business cases. Through actual work we will be creating the processes that define how common business collaboration processes will get built; and we will also do a few for ourselves. You will have the opportunity to help and see how it is all done. In terms of what's involved, there will be regular conference calls and you can contribute to the discussions on the mail list and there will be real meetings around the world; like the one last week in San Francisco.
Common business process definitions and their operating requirements directly influence how an industry will do business in an e-Buainess world. We will be defining what will also directly influence the technical development directions eBTWG take, and help form the UN/CEFACT direction with e-Business standards; where now you can help bring your industry business needs forward !
To simply sign up for this team, just go to  http://www.ebtwg.org/projects/collaboration.html and choose the REGISTER option on the last line of the page.
If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me directly.
Thanks very much
David Welsh
Director of Planning and Architecture
(206) 215 - 7293

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