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Subject: [ubl-comment] Hotels for UBL TC meeting 2002.01.22-25

The hotels most convenient to our upcoming UBL TC meeting in Menlo
Park are actually located in Palo Alto, the town immediately south
of Menlo Park.  The two best lists I've found for hotels in the
area are the list maintained by Stanford University and the list
maintained by the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce.  You can find
these at



The safest bets are the Sheraton and the Westin, which are
adjacent to each other on El Camino Real, but I've also heard good
reports about the Cardinal, which is probably less expensive and
certainly in a more entertaining location.  Here's the information
on these three hotels from the Chamber of Commerce site:

   Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel
   625 El Camino Real
   Palo Alto, CA 94301
   650/ 328-2800 
   800/ 874-3516
   Fx: 650/ 327-7362

   The Westin Palo Alto
   675 El Camino Real
   Palo Alto, CA 94301
   650/ 321-4422
   800/ 228-3000
   Fx: 650/ 321-5522

   The Cardinal Hotel
   235 Hamilton Ave.
   Palo Alto, CA 94301
   650/ 323-5101 
   Fx: 650/ 325-6086

Given the severely depressed state of the local travel industry,
finding lodgings shouldn't be a problem right now.  It might prove
worthwhile to shop around a little and compare rates.

Directions to the meeting will be provided separately about a week
in advance to people who register.

Jon Bosak <jon.bosak@sun.com>
Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems
Chair, OASIS UBL Technical Committee

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