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Subject: [ubl-comment] Schema for customs treatment data?

I gather from the recent postings to this list that this question  is 
premature, but here goes: Is there extant or in progress an XML schema for 
describing customs treatment info (HTS classifications, duty rates, etc) ?

Alternatively, is there something in the EDI world that covers this 
territory, and where can I find info about it?

My goal is to develop a Web service (SOAP, etc) that serves these data in 
response to a provided HTS classification number, or an HTS number plus a 
country of origin. To do this, I need to find or invent an XML schema to 
describe the data. 

This info seems quite popular when presented via a Web 
page (human interface, see below); I'm thinking it might be popular if 
presented as a remote procedure call.

To illustrate the kinds of info I'm talking about, visit:


Put in your favorite commodity (mine is "okra"), select from the list of 
items shown and then press "Detail".  I'd like to find a standard for 
representing the type of info in this page of US import duty (and related) 

If this is not an appropriate goal, or this is not the right place to ask, 
someone please let me know that, too.



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