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Subject: [ubl-comment] Simple purchase order


I am building an e-commerce application and I am looking for standard
document formats to use. Purchase orders are the first area I am tackling.
Later conversion to and from EDI format will be important, but for now I am
starting with something simple.

I want to translate a simple order into UBL format (see documents below).

I had no problems with <Header> and <LineItem> parts. The problems started
with <Summary> part:

1. How to include sub-total amount (without tax)?
2. How to include a default tax rate in the summary? The same tax rate is
applied for the whole order so it appears in the summary and not in lines.
3. I put the shipment amount in the header as <PaymentVariation>. Is this


Barbara Slupik

*****************  Simple order as text  ******************

Buyer:                 H K MOORE LIMITED
                       Low Cost Secure Electronic Data Exchange
                       21 Garden Road
                       Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6HT, UK
                       Phone: +44 (0)1565 634788

Purchase Order Number: 205

Supplier:              Identity = Supplier-01
                       My Supplier
                       The Supplier Company
                       In a street
                       Manchester M4 3BR UK
                       +44 (0)161 235 5545

Ship-to:               My Receiver
                       At my warehouse
                       A New Buiness Park
                       Northwich, Cheshire WA39 2LG
                       +44 (0)1606 546795

Invoice-to:            My accounts Department
                       At my Head Office
                       In a big Building
                       359 Deansgate
                       Manchester M76 3TY
                       Phone: +44 (0)161 556 4697

Correspondence-to:     Me
                       In my office
                       Or in a restaurant
                       Knutsford, Cheshire WA56 7KK
                       Phone: +44 (0)1565 667788

P.O. Date:             14/02/02

Delivery Date:         14/03/02

Payment Terms:         30 days

Currency:              GBP

Line Item number                                 Unit price  Qty      Price
1.   ITEM-001                                         25.23    2      50.46
     The first item on the purchase order.

2.   ITEM-002                                          6.34    5      31.70
     The second item on the purchase order.

3.   ITEM-003                                         50.00    2     100.00
     Item number three

                                                 Subtotal            182.16
                                                 Vat rate              17.5
                                                 Vat amount           31.88
                                                 Shipping              5.00

                                                 Total               219.04

****************  Simple order in UBL format  ***************

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Order xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance";
            <Identifier>H K MOORE LIMITED</Identifier>
            <Name>Low Cost Secure Electronic Data Exchange</Name>
                <StreetName>21 Garden Road</StreetName>
                <CityName>Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6HT, UK</CityName>
                <Name>H K MOORE LIMITED</Name>
                    <Value>+44 (0)1565 667788</Value>
            <Identifier>My Supplier</Identifier>
            <Name>The Supplier Company</Name>
                <StreetName>In a street</StreetName>
                <CityName>Manchester M4 3BR, UK</CityName>
                <Name>My Supplier</Name>
                    <Value>+44 (0)161 235 5545</Value>
            <Identifier>My Receiver</Identifier>
            <Name>At my warehouse</Name>
                <StreetName>A New Buiness Park</StreetName>
                <CityName>Northwich, Cheshire WA39 2LG</CityName>
                <Name>My Receiver</Name>
                    <Value>+44 (0)1606 546795</Value>
            <Identifier>My accounts Department</Identifier>
            <Name>At my Head Office</Name>
                <BuildingId>In a big Building</BuildingId>
                <StreetName>359 Deansgate</StreetName>
                <CityName>Manchester M76 3TY</CityName>
                <Name>My accounts Department</Name>
                    <Value>+44 (0)1606 546795</Value>
            <Name>In my office</Name>
                <BuildingId>Or in a restaurant</BuildingId>
                <CityName>Knutsford, Cheshire WA56 7KK</CityName>
                    <Value>Phone: +44 (0)1565 667788</Value>
            <Identifier>30 days</Identifier>
            <ServiceId/> <!-- X12 1300 -->
            <ConditionId/> <!-- EDIFACT 5463 and X12 248 -->
            <SettlementId/> <!-- X12 331 -->
            <Description>The first item on the purchase order.</Description>
            <Quantity QuantityUnitCode="Each">2</Quantity>
            <Description>The second item on the purchase
            <Quantity QuantityUnitCode="Litres">5</Quantity>
            <Description>Item number three</Description>
            <Quantity QuantityUnitCode="Each">2</Quantity>

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