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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] Simple purchase order


Thanks for your help.

> 1. How to include sub-total amount (without tax)?

>> I would interpret this as a derived business information entity.  it is
>> PriceAmount less TaxAmount (in most cases).  in which case it is not
>> technically necessary for the document.

So in UBL format Sub-total order amount without tax is calculated as
PriceAmount less TaxAmount.

We think that most of the businesses would rather have it the other way
round. They would have Sub-total amount without tax and TaxAmount and
calculate PriceAmount (total with tax) from it.

Probably the same rule is applied for UBL order lines:
<Pricing> is unit price without tax times quantity,
<InvoiceCurrencyTaxAmount> is tax amount,
<PaymentVariation> is a line discount for example,
<TotalAmount> is total with tax.

Is this right?

Previously I assumed that line <TotalAmount> is without tax. Again, in my
simple order I don't calculate tax for lines so it would be better if line
<TotalAmount> was without tax.

> 2. How to include a default tax rate in the summary? The same tax rate is
applied for the whole order so it appears in the summary and not in lines.

>> Currently, the only way to use
>> a Tax structure is to create it with the OrderHeader.PaymentVariation.
>> I tend to feel this is not intuitive, however it is possible.

I will code the default tax rate as <PaymentVariation>.

One more question about discounts:
On the line level we have just one possibility: <PaymentVariation>.
In the header we have <PaymentVariation>, <Discount> inside <PaymentTerms>
and <OverallDiscount>. How they should be used?



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