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Subject: [ubl-comment] Upcoming UBL meetings

UBL participants and observers,

The UBL TC has agreed on dates and locations for the next four TC
meetings as follows:

   UBL meeting 1-4 October 2002 in Burlington, Massachusetts
      (about 15 miles north of Boston) -- running Tuesday
      through Friday to optimize travel for people attending
      X12 the following week in Miami; objective: process
      feedback from LC review cycle starting in August

   UBL meeting 18-21 November 2002 in Menlo Park, California --
      running Monday through Thursday per our established
      preferences; objective: prepare major release of library
      and basic documents by our target date

   Joint X12/UBL meeting 3-7 February 2003 in Denver;
      objective: get X12 response to the library and documents

   European meeting in late spring TBD depending on CEFACT

Information about the meeting 1-4 October in Burlington follows in
a separate message.

Jon Bosak

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