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Subject: [ubl-comment] Core Components Technical Specification


The United Nations Core Components Technical Specification has reached a very important milestone - Step 6 of the  UN's Open Development Process.  This step - Implementation verification - is the equivalent of W3C Candidate status.  The core components specification is part of the larger ebXML framework.  Specifically, the Core Components specification provides the basis for the ebXML payload by providing a new approach to creating reusable, semantically neutral, information building blocks.  To quote from the specification -

This Core Components Technical Specification provides a way to identify, capture and maximise the re-use of business information to support and enhance information interoperability across multiple business situations. The specification focuses both on human-readable and machine-processable representations of this information. 

The OASIS UBL, OAG, EAN-UCC, SWIFT, UN/CEFACT, ANSI ASC X12 and a host of other standards organizations are already using this new approach as the basis for building interoperable XML business standards.  The Department of the Navy has included aspects of this specification in its XML Developers Guide, and it is referenced in the Federal XML Developers Guide as well.  I would encourage each of you to take a look at the specification and determine how you can best leverage its solution.  A copy of the new version 'UN/CEFACT - ebXML Core Component Technical Specification, Version 1.90' is available via the TMG Files Sharing Site at http://homepage.mac.com/knaujok/TMG_Files. Select the following Folder "General" -> "ForReview" to get to the document labeled "CCTS_V_1pt90.zip"  

On a related tack, I was fortunate to be invited to talk about UBL as a plenary speaker at last weeks XML 2002 conference.  During my speach I talked about how UBL was using the CCTS to create its schemas.  My presentation should be available on the website soon, however in the interim if you would like to see a copy, send me an email and I will be happy to forward.

Mark Crawford
Research Fellow - LMI XML Lead
W3C Advisory Committee, OASIS, RosettaNet Representative
Vice Chair - OASIS UBL TC
Chair - UN/CEFACT XML Syntax Working Group
Editor - UN/CEFACT Core Components
Logistics Management Institute
2000 Corporate Ridge, McLean, VA 22102-7805
(703) 917-7177   Fax (703) 917-7518 
Wireless (703) 655-4810
"Opportunity is what you make of it"

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