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Subject: [ubl-comment] Couple of comments

UBL Team,
I have just started going through this and just noted the following.  Please excuse me if I am missing something or misunderstand how you have planned to handle this (in fact this is likely):
- Invoice line references order line.  Should this not also reference the order header number?  One invoice/shipment can come from multiple orders so if just referencing the order line you may not know exactly which one it is.  Unless it is required to only reference one order on one invoice.
- should it not be possible to be more specific on a line item on an invoice such as LPN/Serial number?  To me it would make sense to have the ability to not only be able to identify the item and quantity but more specifically the exact box which was invoiced.
- Tax issues - maybe I have not seen this yet but it is possible to have both tax exemptions and exceptions at the line level for a specific shipment/invoice/order.  All tax related charges should be able to be kept at line level.  Tax amount should be able to be stored at the line level and not only header level.
- Item measurements/attributes.  It should be possible to specify the item using many different values/attributes (Speed, size, weight etc.).  It should be possible to create as many specifications for an item as needed.  I may have missed this but I don't see how that is possible right now. 
- Sub-line.  I guess you have decided to take this out, but how would it be possible to send through an order for multiple computers with different specifications (memory, HD size etc.) using this standard?  You need some sort of way to group order lines.  If not you would be required to send separate orders for each computer which may not be ideal since you want to be able to use the same reference (PO number) as your ERP system. 
- ID descriptions - many places are ID's sent across (Send From_Address.Identification etc.).  Since this is a transmission between two trading partners would it not be good to always specify who issued the specific ID (DUNS, Seller, Buyer, etc.).  If the order just reference some ID how do you know exactly what kind of ID (who controls/issued the number). 
- Multi-quantity reference.  My background is from semiconductors so it may be a little unique but I think the concept would also be relevant elsewhere.  When selling between plants we need to not only reference number of die sent but also how many wafers and in some cases each individual wafer with number of dies (which varies based on yield).  Should it not be possible to have other ways to reference a specific line instead of just pure quantity.  (one wafer has multiple dies depending on how many passed testing).
- Referencing contact - should it not be possible to have multiple phone numbers?  I would also suggest a possibility for other multiple contact types.  With more types/ways of communicating we should be able to send these new types without having to change the standard.  Cell phone, pager, IM ID and others are possible.  I would like to see it so you could create specific custom contact types which only you use.  I am sure in the future there will be many new contact references needed.
- Payment terms - are the different scenarios thought out.  Is it possible to specify the due date at a specific date (day of future month) etc.  If you want I can put together a small list of unique payment terms which should be covered.
Vilhelm Bjermeland

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