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Subject: [ubl-comment] ReceiptAdvice sample not in the picture?


I've just munching on the huge archive (22MB!) of 
samples.  After browing a bit in the xml/ directory,
just a question before I delve further into the samples:

Should there be an additional sample document of document type
"ReceiptAdvice" sent by Buyer to Seller inserted before "Invoice"?
Normally, the receiving of a "ReceiptAdvice" would signify an
"cargo-received-well" signal and trigger an Invoice to be generated
and sent by Seller.

Same for the Joinery example.

I think it is very good to have samples in the fs/ directory
to show how the source is being transformed into various
document media such as PDF, html for end-users.  But given
that more examples and scenarios for a frozen version of UBL
is good and one wouldn't want to release a new sub-version 
(no pun intended) of UBL.zip archive which becomes increasing
enormous, do you think it's better to separate the specs.zip
from the examples.zip?  You might even have example-1.zip,
example-2.zip, etc giving a meaningfully choreographed 
exchange of documents, such as "Stationery" scenario as
example-1.zip, "Joinery" as example-2.zip, and other 
contributed sources as example-n.zip.  Please do consider.
The current gigantic download is going to be a problem
to people having low-bandwidth links.


Best Regards,
Chin Chee-Kai

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