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Subject: Example instances of Country Code & Currency elements and UBL Status

I'm using the UN ECE defined schema definitions of Currency Code and
Country Code with UBL 0.7 Re-useable Aggregate Cmponents.

Reviewing the Re-useable aggregates  Country element is defined as:
<xsd:element name="Country" type="CountryType"/>

and Currency element is defined as:

<xsd:element name="Currency" type="CurrencyCode"/>

In a UBL enabled application if we were to use the enumerated code
values defined in the CountryCode and/or Currency Code defined at UN ECE



How do we initialize that enumerated value of country codes and
currency code

defined in above XSDs into instances of the re-useable UBL schemas for
elements cat:Currency and cat:Country?

Can someone give me an example of  valid values of against the UNECE
schema such that they are also valid values against the 0.7 re-useable

Some other questions:

2) Also, what are are the major differences between 0.8 schemas and 0.7

3) What is the ETA of UBL v. 1.0 being a committee spec or an OASIS

4) Is UBL most appropriate for B2B applications or B2C applications?
E.g., if it is designed for B2B mostly then I strongly recommend that as
part of 1.0 release UBL be enhanced for B2C as well.

5) Which companies are planning to use this in their commercial
products and is tere any interop fest planned for UBL based apps
and extensions?

Thank you very much and best of luck.



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