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Subject: UBL announcements

Hello ubl-comment subscribers,

Please be aware that a change in OASIS policy now prevents use of
this public list for general discussion of UBL (it should be used
for incoming comments only).  Consequently, this is no longer the
place to look for announcements.

In particular, ubl-comment is no longer the place to look for
meeting announcements such as this one:


If you want to track UBL developments without joining OASIS, you
will have to check the UBL mail archives periodically.  For
meeting announcements, check the UBL archive at


To monitor progress as we approach the release of UBL 1.0 Beta
next month, check the UBL Library Content archive at


To subscribe to these lists and have the announcements pushed out
to your address, join OASIS as an individual member and then sign
up to the UBL TC as an observer.  OASIS membership costs USD 250
per year and will allow you to join any number of OASIS mailing
lists.  For further details, see


Jon Bosak

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